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  1. D

    How can I verify all my photos are in LRC before deleting all photos in cloud (LR)?

    I have been using LRC for years. Then, I heard that I could sync my iphone photos into LR. After that I would have in LRC. That is my understanding. My possible mistake: I think I started to SYNC my LRC photos to the cloud besides uploading from my Iphone. My 20 GB storage filled quickly. In...
  2. bill.fischer5

    Library module What happens to pictures that are in 2 or more synced collections if I delete one of the collections?

    Hi I have several collections that are synced to the web Lightroom (LR) from my Lightroom Classic (LRC). Some of my pictures are included in more than one of these synced collections. I need to delete a collections. It has pictures in it that are also in other synced collections that I want...