1. paulgodard

    Ratings not showing in survey mnode

    I am using the latest version of LRC on my MBP with 2 external monitors and I can not find a way to display the star ratings of selected images in survey mode. It seems that it is possible based on doc and articles but it definitely does not work on my side... although I am sure it was working...
  2. houghtonphoto

    Number of photos allowed in Survey mode?

    Quick Q - is there a limit to the number of photos Survey mode can display? I have a collection of 223 images, and if I select them all then press N I only get a grid 13 images wide by 7 deep and then the bottom line is 12 images - total of 103 I also notice that the most recent images shot...
  3. nIkedoni1a

    Survey View, How to unlink pick and reject flags so they don't label entire survey with one click

    while in survey view i understand that clicking the x on the bottom right of an image removes it from the survey and the remaining images resize to fill the space. my question concerns the pick and reject flags on the bottom left below the image. it used to be that when i picked or rejected...