1. J

    Evolution from LR4.1 to Classic on New Computer

    This will be old stuff for most of you, and I have re-read Victoria's old member messages about the "End of Perpetual Licenses" disaster. I'm currently running LR 4.4.1 on a Windows 7 machine that is soon to be retired. I have a new Windows 10 machine and would like to have a standalone...
  2. L

    After Update to Lightroom 8: Adobe cannot verify my subscription after starting LR

    I updates to Lightroom Classic yesterday, and since then after starting Lightroom 8 , it starts searching for license information, obviously unsuccessfully, so that after a few seconds a dialog appears, stating that my subscription status cannot be verified. The link to the help page doesn't...
  3. Win

    Multiple licenses & 1 Adobe ID?

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I need to use CC on 3 machines. I understand that one subscription to CC allows me to use it on 2 computers. That means I need to have 2 subscriptions to use CC on the 3 machines. Does anyone know if I can use ONE...
  4. A

    Subscription Pricing--and now what?

    After 10 years of LR, starting from the first beta, it's now time to switch. The subscription model and force to use their cloud is a clever move to make more money with the existing customer base. But this is not future proof for me, as I don't want to get locked in. (plus price is at least 3x...
  5. M

    Price increase in the UK

    I have just received this e-mail from Adobe, "We hope you are enjoying your subscription to the world-class products and services Adobe provides to help you do your best work. We wanted to share some important information about your renewal price. As part of doing business globally, Adobe...
  6. Shepherd Jim

    ...goes around, comes around ....I'm Back

    Hi All — I'm a bit of a fraud in that I joined "this" forum back when LR was first released. I'm guessing the forum has been re-configured once or twice and I just had to re-register to get in. My Forum screen name and avatar were still in the system and immediately popped up when I logged in...