1. hbwilliams22

    How do you use Lightroom Mobile?

    I am a LrC user and have somehow consumed my 20GB of storage on the Photography Plan which doesn't seem to be very much considering I only have about 7,500 photos stored. I'm wondering how to best utilize Lr Mobile. Right now, all pictures I take on my phone are automatically copied to Lr...
  2. B

    Problem with Local Storage - Locally Stored Copies

    I'm unable to install ios14 this morning as I don't have enough space on my 128gb phone. The culprit is Lightroom, which has around 65GB of "locally stored copies". I've found a ton of posts about this online, but no solution as to how I can remove these locally stored copies. I have "Only...
  3. nremy1984

    Workflow feasibility - struggling to get the big picture

    hi everyone, As a long-timer Lightroom 6 user, I am trying to get a sense of whether i can satisfy all my needs with/within the Adobe software for photographers. The Adobe online help articles didn't... help me do so. They are topic-specific and i feel, fail to explain the big picture well. I...
  4. R

    store other data on external drive with photos

    I have an external 6 TB drive that I store my photos on. Since my Time Capsule is full, I need more storage for a complete back up of my computer using Time Machine. Is it a bad idea to use the same hard drive as the one where my photos are stored? My instinct tells me not to use it but my...
  5. C

    Smart Previews - to use or not to use?

    For some reason today, the topic has been Smart Previews on all of the videos that I've been watching, and I'm wondering if it's something I should be doing. For reference, I'm using a 2019 Macbook 13" with 250gb of flash memory. Because the storage on this laptop is at a premium, I've chosen...
  6. M

    Pros/Cons of Saving All Smart Previews Locally?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and new to Lightroom. Is there a performance advantage to selecting the option to save all smart previews locally? Offline editing advantages? If so, a brief why explanation would help me. Are there any cons outside of space availability?
  7. E

    Does Classic Know Which Photos Were Previously Imported From LR CC?

    Let's say you are traveling and take 25 photos (just for example, there will be more of course). And you 'import" 10 of them onto your iPad or MacBook Pro via Lightroom CC at the hotel. They sync to the cloud, then download to Lightroom Classic (home based). Now, you get home and want to...
  8. D

    Best way to store master photo files and LR catalog in the cloud...Without using the Adobe system.

    I know this topic gets old, but I can't seem to find a single good answer. Is there any reason why my master photo files and my LR catalog can't be stored on a non-Adobe cloud service, like iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox or something similar? Personally I prefer I'm getting tired of...
  9. John Heuer

    Multiple Libraries

    Operating System: OSX Mavericks Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC Looking for suggestions as to how those of you with larger libraries manage them. I have a MacBook Pro with a 500GB SSD that is getting full, and my performance is crawling. My thought is two create two...
  10. Tom Pula

    Catalogs LR Classic catalogs and storage

    Operating System: OS High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic CC This has likely been answered before, but my question is quite specific. I have decided a single catalog is best for me and it has worked well. I shoot mostly landscape on a semi-pro basis along...
  11. Sashina

    Android - still confused about storage types and limits

    Greetings! I thought I was clear on how LR Mobile uses smart previews to reduce demand on local mobile storage. I have just received a warning on LR Mobile (exclamation mark on the top right cloud symbol): You are nearing the storage limit for your account and uploading new files may not be...
  12. J

    LR Mobile takes up IOS space even after deleting all files

    Mobile Operating System: Ipad Mini 4 IOS 10.3.3 Desktop Operating System: Mac 10.12.3 Desktop Lightroom Version: LR Mobile Version 2.8.2, LR CC2015.12 Question or Description of Problem: I’ve read Lightroom Mobile is very clever at managing storage space and I think I understand the way...
  13. J

    Lightroom Workflow and Nik Software

    Hello, I have a question about using Lightroom and the NIK collection. When using the NIK software it creates a copy of the raw file and then when you save you have two of the same file one is the original raw and the second is the processed tiff file. What you end up with is two of the same...
  14. braver

    Cannot Shrink Lightroom Mobile Storage on iOS

    I'm using Lr Mobile on iOS from the beginning, upgrading the iPhones every year, and it suddenly swelled inside the 7+, taking 200GB of memory. I've had only one collection marked offline, and doing Clear Cache on it freed up meager 400MB. The Lightroom Photos is the only other collection...
  15. jltott

    Totally ignorant - help

    Father in law recently died and left a computer with some photos on and Lightroom etc etc. Wife would like to keep photos but not subscritption to lightroom - are the photos tied into any of the lightroom files (*.lrcat etc). There seem to be few photos over the past 2 years - wondered if he had...