1. A

    Lightroom Classic 10.1 hangs sometimes directly after Start

    Since the latest update to Lightroom 10.1 the program start sometime lasts extremely long (Lightroom first starts normal and the work area is already visible but then seems to hang for quite some time until I can start to work with it). It's the same as described here...
  2. A

    Lightroom won't open at all

    Hello, I am using a Mac with the Sierra software. My Lightroom app won't open at all. I can click on it, and the Lightroom box will pop up on the screen, but then nothing. My mouse will turn into the rainbow circle that Macs do when they're loading, and it won't allow me to access preferences...
  3. WildVanilla

    Lightroom CC won't open - help!

    Hi Since I recently updated Lightroom via the CC desktop app, it won't open. I've tried the solution suggested here: Adobe Creative Cloud applications close immediately after launch but to no avail. Have signed out / rebooted / signed in multiple times. PS launches fine but LR just won't...