1. tspear

    Stacks, why bother?

    Question, after using Lr for a while and seeing the stacks auto created for merged images, I have come to the question. Why bother? Basically, stacks are only useful in the unfiltered views for all photos or a specific album. So they only help when scrolling through images, not very useful when...
  2. L

    Library module How to filter photos which are part of a stack, but not on top of a stack?

    Hi LightRoom experts. (Sorry for the meaningless username, but I'm new here and cannot change the name before next month.) For use in other tools I want to add to a photo's keywords if the photo is part of a stack, but not on top of a stack. For this the best would be to create a filter...
  3. Paul_DS256

    Find Stacks

    I've looked here and on the net. I've seen some plugins that partly get there BUT .. I'm trying to do some metadata cleanup. What I would like to do is find all Stacked pictures so I can check each of the pictures in the stack for consistency. Can this be done? Thanks
  4. retina

    Batch rename stacks

    Is it possible to batch rename stacked/grouped images? Simple example: Five stacks with 3 images shown in the library window, all expanded. A total of 15 images shown. I want to rename the files within each stack as a group all in one go. Rename to something like: 'nameofstack1_01...
  5. Gary Hundt

    saving many stacked photos to local folder

    I thought I'd give LR mobile and LR CC Cloud a try now that it's possible to stitch panoramas as in LR Classic. Imported all photos from my Android phone into LR Mobile, synced them over to my windows laptop, stitched some panos. This works as well as in LR Classic, creating dng's rather than...
  6. R

    Library module Copying collections with stacks

    I have a collection in Lr that I split into a number of smaller collections. When I selected subsets of the original collection and dragged them into the smaller collections, I ended up with a smaller total number of photos. As in the thread "Library module: Inconsistency in Collection count...
  7. C

    Stacks on LRCC?

    Hi. I am currently using LR5. Since I have been trigger happy with my Canon 5D, I have a lot of shots that are split seconds apart and I have auto-stacked them while putting the best on top of the stack. What will happen to these stacks when I migrate to LRCC? Will they be maintained as...
  8. N

    Does the Order of the Images Matter To Enfuse?

    Hello! When blending with Enfuse, does it make a difference how the images are sorted? Say I have 10 images in a stack, some are dark (exposed for highlights), some are bright (exposed for shadows), and some are "0EV". Does Enfuse like to process the Over, Under or Mid exposures first...
  9. mikecox

    Sort on "Stack"?

    I bracket a lot and "Autostack" them after importing. Autostack doesn't always do a great job; even at 00:00:01 it included images that shouldn't belong. But that's the least of my worries. I usually end up with a mix of stacked and unstacked images and would like to select out the stacked...