1. RSDS1227

    Storage & Workflow Performance

    Hi all, I have my Master .Ircat on a M.2 SSD, I import all photos into a folder on the same drive and do all my local adjustments there. When I am done with edits I have LR move all photos to a LaCie 2Big Dock 8TB mirrored drive for my first back-up. LR Classic and Photoshop CC are both on the...
  2. R

    Should I put LR Catalog etc on OneDrive

    Im moving to a new PC with Win 10. I'm still struggling with its file structure. I have C: on internal SSD, and D: is internal HDD. Having just finished the LR install, I see that the catalog etc is on C:\Users\Richard\OneDrive\Pictures\Lightroom Is this counterproductive? Wouldnt I get...
  3. G

    Old gaming laptop rebuild

    Hi guys, I have an old Asus G750jw I want to "rebuild." It's in quotation marks because I only plan to replace the hard drive with an SSD and add another SSD or HDD. (it has 2 SATA 3 drive ports) I plan on using it for light audio and video editing for our church. I saw a 120GB SSD for about...
  4. John Heuer

    Multiple Libraries

    Operating System: OSX Mavericks Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC Looking for suggestions as to how those of you with larger libraries manage them. I have a MacBook Pro with a 500GB SSD that is getting full, and my performance is crawling. My thought is two create two...
  5. A

    Catalogs New PC and Workflow - Need Help!!

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.1 Hello, new member here, and hoping someone will know how to help me out! I just finished building a new PC, and really excited to be working on a much faster machine, but also because it will help me improve my...
  6. Karyn

    Gnarbox, SSD, and LR Mobile --> LR Classic?

    Operating System:iOS MBP 10.13.1, iPhone X (with the new files app working great and integration with LR Mobile), iPad Pro 11.1.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.0.1 NOTE: I cross-posted this in a different forum (Lightroom Classic) and then realized it is really a mobile...
  7. Diko

    LR Performance & SSDs

    One can always learn something new...I am new around here, can't tell if you have already discussed it, but today I stumbled upon this video about "SSD Overprovisioning", which could be LR related.
  8. A

    What imac specs needed to optimize Lightroom?

    I am looking to purchase a new iMac and wondering what specs I need in order to optimize how Lightroom runs and decrease wait time. I am looking at a 27", but wondering what makes sense in terms of upgrades. i7 processor? ssd vs. fusion? what is the min about of memory needed? Which specs are...
  9. RSDS1227

    Two SSD and a 1TB HDD

    I just built myself a new PC with a 250MB SSD, a 128MB SSD, a 1TB HDD and my O/S is win 10. I have the O/S on the 250SSD and I thought I could place LR5 on the 128SSD then store all my photos on the 1TBHDD. This all sounds good but I have no idea how to do it. Right now all my photos are on...