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spot removal

  1. gYab61zH

    Less than prefect results with healing brush

    Some advice about how best to remove objects from a landscape in LR Classic would be much appreciated. I searched the web far and wide and followed some of the tutorials but whatever I do I never get a satisfactory result. The example below illustrates the problem. I tried to remove a power mast...
  2. brendatharp

    Spot removal over an already removed spot

    Forgive me if this has been posted before, but various ways to describe this made it difficult to find if it had been posted! I have often had situations where in using the spot removal tool in healing mode, even in cloning actually, the area it chooses as the best replacement option has other...
  3. Ashley G

    Spot removal tool not working (on one specific spot)

    I'm editing a family session from last night and I noticed these "light spots" on the images. They're not in every picture, but most. I thought it could be sun flare but it was overcast so I think it might be dust on my sensor, or lens? "Okay, no biggie. I'll use the spot removal tool and...
  4. R

    Performance issue

    Have windows 10 with 16gb ram. When in developing module and using spot removal or adjustment brush as I'm working the image area goes black and then back again?? Also when using spot removal, heal or clone, there is some blur remains after using clone or heal - how to over come this?
  5. gillfinn

    losing use of spot removal tool in 'develop'

    Hello, all of a sudden I've lost the use of my spot removal tool in the develop window. All else is working fine and this did happen once before though it corrected itself. I've closed out of LR and restarted but no fix. When I click the icon, it shows that I'm in 'spot removal' mode, but when I...