1. Win

    Laptop Recommendations - PC

    I get to order a new computer for my work and I need it to be beefy enough to run Photoshop well. I also need it to be a laptop and a PC (not a Mac). I would love input on what brands, types, and minimum specifications I should be requesting so as to have a computer that will be powerful enough...
  2. emi eden

    choosing a laptop for travel

    Hi all, I wonder if someone could please help me with regards to choosing a budget laptop for travel (india) and Lightroom. Unfortunately I have 5 days to find one and have it sent (my previous laptop broken), and I am also at this point unable to afford a Mac. I found an Asus for 329 which had...
  3. H

    Best Spec Machine?

    Hi There I have a cat with over 3.7 million images (cat is 44Gb) and we have previews so we are running at 800mb + We are running it on SSD's and we are about to upgrade machine. Can amyone suugest a spec that would get the best of LR using GPU and which processor we should be looking at. We...