1. S

    Lightroom Running Away

    I use lightroom to separate keepers from those to delete by scrolling through the filmstrip and hitting the X key to mark those to delete and the forward arrow key to skip to the next photo. Occasionally, as I am doing this LR suddenly starts moving through the remainder of the photos on the...
  2. D

    Library module Sequencing photos in multiple folders

    Hi. I shoot a lot of theater performances for the local schools. I try to attend the tech/dress rehearsal and a couple of public performances. I end up with a set of photos in folders by date for each performance. I am looking for an automated way to group the photos taken on different days...
  3. gYab61zH

    Book module: font problem

    I am an avid user of the book module, having produced a large number of books (70 at last count). I am reasonably pleased with the module, especially now that I have managed to solve one of my greatest frustrations, namely how to make a custom sort of all images in a folder carry over into a...
  4. R

    Quick ways to manually sort new photos into a collection

    When I import new photos or graphics and add them to a collection, Lr adds them at the end of the collection. Then I drag/drop them into position, which can itself be a drag in a large collection, especially if the new photo should be at the beginning of the collection. While dragging, if I hold...
  5. Michael Naylor

    Library module Multiple Tabbed Views

    If only the Library module offered tabs. For over a year now, I've been trying to figure out dates & places for thousands of scanned photos. Trying to guess the ages of people is much easier if I compare images side be side, but this is extremely tedious using Quick Collection. A much better...
  6. GingeraMan

    Search - Images in One Collection Only ("To Sort")

    Hey all.. I have a collection called "To Sort" - some sort of dumping ground I thought was a great idea at the time. So now it has a large number of images without an easy way to see if they have been applied to another collection... Is there a way to find images that are in this collection...
  7. guido.coza

    wrong file order on card before import

    Hi all I recently got a second hand 1D x. One of the first thing I did was to format the cf card that came with the camera. I also use one of my old cards from my 1D IV. I use a card reader to import directly to LR. Recently pictures are on the LR import screen not in the order I took them but...
  8. D

    Change sorting order video's and photo's in LR

    Hi all, I am new to LR (coming from Aperture) and I am trying to understand the logic behind sequencing the photo's and video's in LR. What I see is that LR is showing any video's first in date sequence, flooded by all photo's in date sequence. In Aperture everything could be sorted in date...
  9. N+13

    Capture Time Sort Failure

    I loaded very old photos and am trying to form a crude sequence by setting capture time for groups of them. When I alter capture time and select the sort to such, the photos do not order themselves by accordingly. I am confused. N+13