1. A

    Needing to preserve edits of DNG files for Laser Scans and have a deadline by next week, any help would be useful, thanks!

    This problem is quite complicated and probably going to require some deep thinking, but nevertheless, here we go! Essentially, I have a collection of .dng files from 4 firefly cameras that are used in combination to create a stitched 360 image. These 360 images (also known as panos) will be...
  2. Hermv2000

    move 5.7.1

    My windows 10 PC had a hard drive failure. The technician was able to port over almost everything to a new hard drive including all my photos, both raw and jpg and the lightroom catalog. Lightroom 5.7.1 was on the failed hard drive but that software didn't get copied over. I have the same...
  3. D

    Removing unused external editors from LR menu

    I have several external editors that I no longer use. Even though the software has been removed from my computer, they still appear on the Edit In menu. Any idea how to remove them from the menu? It's gotten quite unwieldy. Thanks.