1. nonaxoxox

    SmugMug plugin only syncing a subset of SmugMug gallery

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I upgraded to a new PC (Win 11) and was able to correctly install Lightroom Classic 13.0.1 and the SmugMug plugin ( With my previous PC, I was able to use the "Sync Photos" option in the SmugMug plugin, and it would pull photos FROM...
  2. W

    SmugMug plugin metadata field for personal information

    I use the SmugMug plugin. Many of the metadata fields (Title, Caption, User Comment, Headline, many others) upload to SmugMug and are visible there. I would like to find some metadata field that I could use for personal notes (e.g. "used for birthday card to Mom 2021") that would NOT upload to...
  3. H

    Lightroom Voyager Support

    Does anyone have enough knowledge to support the Lightroom Voyager plugin or does anyone have direct contact with Vlad who wrote Lightroom Voyager to see what's going on? I've reached out via the plugin and directly on the lrvoyager website, weeks ago, but have not received any response. I...
  4. L

    How to, can I export, publish from Lightroom Classic to Synology Photos Files?

    My work flow ends up on a working drive M on my desktop. My working Catalogs are on my C drive backed up elsewhere on my NAS. I sync my M drive to a master folder on my Synology NAS on my local network. I curently publish from LR to Smugmug, my website using their excellext Publishing app. I am...
  5. dfkotz

    Library module HEIC photos disappear (missing)

    Although I am primarily a Nikon shooter, I often use my iPhone XR (iOS 14.6) when on-the-go. In several instances over the past month, however, Lightroom has lost the imported HEIC photos. Roughly speaking: use LR to import directly from iPhone connected by USB, mark some photos to be...
  6. N

    Restoring lost photos from SmugMug

    I have had a complete hard-disk failure on the drive I use for editing, but before long-term archiving. I have versions of the better/selected photos on SmugMug and I am trying to figure out how to use those to partially restore the lost part of my catalog. My workflow will be relevant here...
  7. A

    Workflow from iOS: Capturing Apple keywords

    Hi folks, I am working my way through a back catalog of 150k (very amateur) photos taken over the last 20 years or so. I have a workflow and a system in place by which I star-rate them (1=delete, 2=archive, 3=keep, 4=share, 5=showcase) in offline LRC (on PC). This works great for photos taken...
  8. G

    Publish Services Exporting collections hierarchy to Smugmug

    Hi Everyone, I have a nicely created collections hierarchy in LR Classic (continent>country>location> event (YYYY). I would like to synchronise the full structure (100s of collections) to Smugmug, using the LR Smugmug plugin. Is there an easy way to do this, other than recreating each folder...
  9. C

    Deleting comments from images in a Publish Service (SmugMug)

    I was experimenting with the Comments feature using the SmugMug Lightroom plugin. I was successfully able to enable comments for a SmugMug gallery, add comments when in SmugMug, and pull them into LrC. I then wanted to delete the comments, and I was able to do that in SmugMug, but the...
  10. P

    SmugMug Smart Albums and lost keywords

    I'm getting started on creating some new albums in SmugMug using the plugin, but I can't figure out how to get all my keywords to upload. Some of the photos have some of the keywords, but for the most part they're missing. I've searched far and wide on the web for hints, but no pages I've...
  11. P

    LR Classic 9.2 - SmugMug Albums - Generic "Maximum album count exceeded (7)

    I'm running LR Classic 9.2 on OS X 10.15.2. I'm trying to build SmugMug albums with the SmugMug plugin. I have quite a few albums and galleries defined, but when I'm trying to publish to them, I'm seeing "Maximum album count exceeded (7)" (see attached screencap). The problem is that I can't...
  12. C

    SmugMug plugin appears to truncate Titles over 64 characters in length

    I've just discovered that Titles over 64 characters in length are being truncated when the images are uploaded to SmugMug via the LR plugin written/provided by SmugMug. LR, of course, allows longer Titles, and if I enter (or edit) a Title using the SmugMug web interface, the Title can also be...
  13. Cuzzinbrucie

    Can't remove LR keyword synonym from SmugMug keyword search list

    A while back I added a keyword synonym DB19451216 to a person's name keyword in LR. I decided to remove it so I double clicked the person's name in the keyword list and removed the synonym. Then I re-published all my images to SmugMug. The synonym DB19451216 still appears in the SmugMug keyword...
  14. Cuzzinbrucie

    /How do I remove SmugMug plugin so I can reinstall it?

    How do I remove SmugMug plugin so I can reinstall it?
  15. M

    Freeze after publish in LR CC 6.6 (2015.6)

    Publish works perfectly, and completes normally. But then LR freezes (spinning blue circle cursor) about 5 sec. later. 100% repeatable. Never a crash; only a freeze. (Therefore no crash log.) Other than this, LR works perfectly for me, with no crashes or freezes. Tried it with 4 different...