smart previews

  1. VictoriaJZ

    Workflow assistance...

    I have a Mini and a MBP running Monterey = my main LRC is [now] on an External HD and all the pics from the MBP have been moved there == so I created a new LRC for the MBP since I do tend to use it for some importing - I am now importing pics that Avalanche has converted from Aplibraries into...
  2. H

    Editing & Sorting Smart Previews (w/o original files)

    Hello friends - New here and looked to see if there was a thread on this, but couldn't find one. I'm editing the work of multiple photographers, using smart previews and would like to be able to sort for a few reasons. 1. When my client sends me images in a catalog, I see only the bulk...
  3. N

    Consequences of Rebuilding Smart Reviews queries

    I am moving Lightroom Classic (LR CLS) catalogue, Lightroom Creative Cloud (LR) and my 1.5TB of photos from an external hard drive to a new M1 Macbook Pro. The copy of the Lightroom Classic Library is stalled as the file “Lightroom Catalog-2-v10-v11 Smart Previews.lrdata” cannot be read or...
  4. M

    How to import Smart Previews only to IPad using Lightroom CC

    I am trying to set up a work flow as follows. I have set Lightroom CC to import Smart Previews only and back up my photos to an external SSD. When I try to add images from the SSD directly to Lightroom using import from files it won’t import and I get the spinning wheel and nothing happens. If I...
  5. gegjr

    Catalogs Storing Smart Previews

    I keep my catalog, images and presets on an external SSD drive. I would however, like to be able to edit newer images without plugging in my external SSD. Is it possible to tell LrC to store SP on my computer (laptop) without moving my catalog to the computer?
  6. M

    Lightroom CC to Classic Desktop

    Hi, Fairly new here and I owe this group for maintaining progress with LR. Newb Question is: I initially uploaded all my photos to CC 45k photos. I installed classic on desktop. If I turn on syncing is classic going to download copies of all those photos onto my hard drive? I don't want to...
  7. nkawoods

    Smart Previews Not Building

    Since the most recent Lightroom update I'm getting messages that Lightroom couldn't build Smart Previews, something I normally do when I import new photos. Based on a response I saw in another forum thread, I tried building previews by going to Library ->Previews->Build Smart Previews. That...
  8. I

    Is there and Benefits from Smart Previews if Original is available

    Hi, my catalog and previews are on a new SSD, my images are on a relatively slow internal drive, a Windows 10 Storage Space. Would I expect to get a performance increase using Smart Previews or will LR Classic still use the Original image it is online? Thank you for your help.
  9. C

    Smart Previews - to use or not to use?

    For some reason today, the topic has been Smart Previews on all of the videos that I've been watching, and I'm wondering if it's something I should be doing. For reference, I'm using a 2019 Macbook 13" with 250gb of flash memory. Because the storage on this laptop is at a premium, I've chosen...
  10. G

    Preview issues (Smart or 1:1) with Fuji RAF files

    Hello. First post here. . I've recently started using a Fuji XT3 (I've been using LR since 2007 with Nikon RAW files). I have the card slots on the XT3 set to RAF. I import the card into LR Classic (latest 8.2 CC build). When I import the RAF files (I have import set to Build Smart Previews) it...
  11. vtanzi

    Smart Previews and Mac HD System Space

    I selected to use Smart Previews--suddenly my Mac HD space became extremely low. It says my Mac System is taking up 740 GB? Is that possible? Any fixes?
  12. C

    Too many previews and smart previews - switching off & deleting?

    Hi all I'm very much an amateur and casual user of LR Classic on a Win 10 lap-top. I only shoot in jpg format. I have a collection of approx 40,000 photos. I started using LR Classic about 2 years ago. My Lightroom Catalog is named Catalog-2. My problem is that my hard disc is being swamped...
  13. H

    Trying to get the exclamation mark off photos ... so I can see them without the harddrive

    Hi there. I'm really trying to organize and get all my photos in lightroom. What do you all find is the best method for travel? I try to bring my harddrive with me, but it's tough ... If the harddrive not plugged in the little exclamation marks appear, even though I made smart previews. Is...
  14. J

    Duplicates, MTSfiles and smart previews

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. So I thought my question would already be answered, but It turns out I seem to use lightroom in a way few people do. Im not a professional photographer and although I've sold photos , Im mainly just documenting my life. I prefer to do it with proper...
  15. J

    To continue using LR CC or not?

    Operating System: macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):1.2 [ 20180131-1556-7f481f8 ] (Feb 1 2018) My aim is to find a way of storing my photos in the Adobe Cloud. I am not really convinced that CC is for me yet as it lacks some features that I find useful...
  16. R

    Catalogs Smart Preview Catalog File

    Operating System: MAC OS High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic Hello, I'm in the process of moving my photos from an old external hard drive to a new one. I've been going through and creating Smart Previews for all the photos. When I check my catalog files on...
  17. L

    Performance on 9.7 Pro, Pencil and few Questions on Smart Previews

    Hi everyone, I just joined this forum and I am looking forward to all discussions :) So I use LR on my 2013 MacBook Pro but I find it cumbersome (screen resolution) and slow, so I figured I buy the iPad Pro and iMac. a) In your XP has the 2016 9.7 Pro model sufficient performance for LR...
  18. B

    Using Lima with LR

    Hello, I just bought myself a Lima (Lima – The first Cloud that respects your privacy). I would like to be able to get to my picture files from all my devices. It's just meant to see them, not really to work with them through lightroom. Would it be a good idea then to make Smart Previews and...
  19. Nicolas Mirguet

    RAW & Smart Previews mess...

    Hi all, I have a new problem with Smart Previews. The main issue is from our end, we've done a mistake when using them but the result we have now is really bad. I explain: we are a photo post-production company and we started recently to use Lightroom (we were previously only doing technical...
  20. B

    Import issues with RAW+JPGs and failure to generate smart previews

    Ive been using LR happily for a couple of years or so and am suddenly experiencing import issues. I've set my camera to take RAW+JPG and want to view them both in LR. Last week they uploaded fine, just as expected. Yesterday I got a mix of some RAW+JPG uploading but other files on the same...
  21. John Coveney

    Smart Preview Catalogs Not Opening Because they are "Not Valid"

    I want to export sections of my main LR Catalog to my laptop for picking, culling & rating using smart previews. I'm not including the original negatives in these exports. I have tried this five times and each of the "Export as Catalog" attempts appears to work fine. However, when I tried to...
  22. Nicolas Mirguet

    How to locate "Smart Previews" if links are missing (and no Original files)

    Hi all. So I work for clients (mostly photographers) by doing their post-production. On Lightroom, we work with Smart Previews only so that it's easier to exchange files. So the client would build Smart Previews, Export Catalog with Smart Previews and send it to me. Usually, when I open the...
  23. A

    Smart previews fail to build

    I've been using Lightroom 5 for 3 years, and recently upgraded to Lightroom 6. In Lightroom 5, Smart Previews automatically built for every RAW file that I imported. Now I get an error message stating that "Smart Previews failed to build". I have checked my import settings and I have the Smart...
  24. L

    Smart previews

    Smart previews were built during downloading files to LRCC/6 but upon reopening the program later they were no longer visible. Does anyone know why they aren't appearing or how I can find them?