smart preview

  1. tryonk

    Searching for photos without original files in cloud

    I'm guessing this has been addressed before, but I'm not finding any answers with the forum search: I use both Lightroom Classic (on my primary machine) and Lightroom (cloud) on my laptop. I habitually copy original files from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom cloud on my primary Mac, so that I...
  2. O

    Smart previews location

    Hi, when a tick is placed in the 'Store a copy of all smart previews locally on 'Macintosh HD' option under the Preference (Cache) Menu, which folder are the previews stored in on the hard disk drive? Thank you in advance.
  3. V

    Mixed up smart Previews From Previous Catalogs in the "From Lightroom" section and Online

    My issue is very frustrating. I like to have an LRC catalog for every year. Each year I stop the sync of the old one and sync the new one. I understand that shared collections from the previous year will be downloaded from the cloud into the "From Lightroom" collection set in LRC and are also...
  4. H

    Editing & Sorting Smart Previews (w/o original files)

    Hello friends - New here and looked to see if there was a thread on this, but couldn't find one. I'm editing the work of multiple photographers, using smart previews and would like to be able to sort for a few reasons. 1. When my client sends me images in a catalog, I see only the bulk...
  5. I

    How to revert back to smart preview once full size raw in downloaded in lightroom mobile

    In lightroom mobile once I choose to download a full resolution image from the cloud is there any way to go back to using smart preview, there doesn't seem to be a way once you have downloaded t raw???
  6. W

    Preview and Smart Preview - taking up too much space

    It may be an existing issue but after upgrading catalog to V12 Previews .lrdata is 2.7GB Smart Previews.lrdata is 34.7Gb How should reduce the size of either previews so that my laptop works without a clogging Thanks
  7. Guido Belli

    Local cache VS local smart preview copies VS local copy of all originals

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about cache, local copies of originals and smart previews. - Is it worth to have a local copy of the smart previews when a copy of all originals is already stored locally? - Are originals stored locally just for backup purposes, or do they have any role in the...
  8. guido.coza

    smart preview missing after Apple ID logout

    Hello everybody. I barely missed a heart attack! I wanted log out of my apple ID because of very limited wifi and even though, a message showed I could not be logged out at this time, my whole desktop was whipped. On the desktop was the LR folder. everything was gone, However I was able to...
  9. J

    Smart Previews

    Hi, I wonder if someone could explain in simple terms the role of smart previews in Lightroom Cloud NOT Classic. I use my iPhone 12 as my sole camera nowadays and use an iPad, desktop PC and laptop. I understood that if editing an image within Lightroom Cloud on a mobile device you are doing...
  10. J

    Using smart previews without original files to edit another's photos

    Hello all! I'm setting up shop as a freelance editor, but I've run into a problem with importing another photographer's set of raws. I had her send me the exported gallery, previews, and smart previews. I put them into their own file and opened it in Lightroom, but the program will not...
  11. Steve Palmer

    Picture in Loupe different from Develop

    Hi When I work from Lightroom, export to Photoshop (PSD file), reimport, create smart preview, then re-export same file and work on it in Photoshop, finish this work I find that the Loupe view catches up with Photoshop but the develop view does not. Does anyone know how to overcome this? It's...
  12. M

    Pros/Cons of Saving All Smart Previews Locally?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and new to Lightroom. Is there a performance advantage to selecting the option to save all smart previews locally? Offline editing advantages? If so, a brief why explanation would help me. Are there any cons outside of space availability?
  13. C

    Missing photo when Smart Preview Exists

    I'm planning on moving all my images to an external disk. In preparation for this I've gradually been creating Smart Previews for all my images. Currently 100% of my photos are stored locally. There is an issue with this however, as a photo which is genuinely missing (remember all images...