smart collection

  1. sgandy

    Is there documentation on the various choices for keywords in Smart Collections?

    I read a really good thread here that discussed that a space is considered an "OR" in a multiword-keyword and how that can bite you because you'll get images returned that have the any of the individual words. ....but it would be nice to see all the choices in the smart collection environment...
  2. TBC

    Smart Collection for Images That Need Saving

    I thought I had created a Smart Collection for images that need saving, but it is not working. My parameters are noted below: But when I make a selection of the ones that supposedly meet those criteria and save them, the total never goes down. What am I doing wrong? Many thanks, I hope, TBC
  3. markstothard

    Whats the difference, Edits / Adjustments

    Can anyone explain, what the difference between the terms? Edits / Adjustments I see these in smart collections. Thank you
  4. hbwilliams22

    What is your Smart Collections workflow for cataloging?

    Do you have a workflow to best catalog your photos? If so, what is it?
  5. K

    About Security

    Hi guyzz, im kinda new to lightroom and starting to build up catalog for my 40k archive, so, one things i cant really understand is, where are catalog settings, such as pick flags, color labels, stars and keywords are stored, to back it up on hdd, because I decided to use smart collections...
  6. Martin van Gog

    Library module Reset target of set of smart collections.

    Hi outthere, In the library module I have a set of smart collections, based on ISO values. During the construction of the set I had selected 'All photographs' as a target folder. The filtering worked fine. But now I want to make another folder as a 'target' of the set. I can not do that. Does...
  7. Bandita FIlm

    Library module Keyword within Library Module not working correctly

    Hi there. Need some help with strange behaviour in Keyword Filtering I have worked with LR for about 5 years and I'm very happy with it. (former Aperture :D ) Since a few days I have trouble in filtering out some of my pictures based on a sett of Keywords. With the Smart Collection the same...
  8. P

    Library module Collection member as criterion for smart collection?

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.1 (yes, I just upgraded) I would like to build some smart collections where one of the criteria is membership in a regular collection that is inside of a collection set. Is this possible? How? Phil
  9. A

    Limiting Smart Collection Scope to a Collection Set

    Operating System: macOS Sierra Lightroom Version: CC 2015.12 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: Is is possible to create a smart collection inside a collection set and have it search only within the collections...
  10. NJHeart2Heart

    Troubleshooting Smart Collection

    I initially created a smart collection as follows: Folder > Contains All > DDG_Photographs + Size > Less Than > .4 MP Where DDG_Photographs is the parent folder of (almost) my entire collection, including my scans folders. The smart collection is NOT pulling out images contained in a subfolder...
  11. W

    Sync Smart Collections

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I reently installed LR and am loving its performance and capabilities versus Elements which I used for years. I'd like to be able to create a Smart Collection and have it sync to my iPhone. For some reason the box you normally click to make a collection sync is not...
  12. Samoreen

    Displaying post-crop ratio on thumbnails and full-screen images

    Hi, The info overlay can include the post-crop dimensions of an image but it would be sometimes much more helpful if we could display the numerical value of the post-crop ratio. Doesn't seem to be possible. Or did I miss something ? Also, LR has a very limited choice about image size ratio...