1. G

    LR Classic extremely slow/unresponsive, greyed out images in Develop

    Relentless spinning ball/freezing since updating to Ventura and LR 12.1 My issues: Extremely slow for every click, even just browsing and labeling images in Library, not even in Develop making heavy adjustments. When LR is acting up, Mac image preview of exHD photos stuck on loading but won't...
  2. E

    Very slow backup on 3TB local drive

    Hi, I'm new to Lightroom Classic. Up to a couple of days ago catalog backups were almost instantaneous (the catalog size is only 140Mb). Now, however, I have tried to close LR and said yes to the backup now question. An error message appeared to say that it could not back up to the location...
  3. S

    Very large Collections / ~sets slow down Lightroom Classic?

    My main Lr machine is still a 2013 MacBook Pro 15" Retina w/ 16GB RAM. My "private" catalog holds 150,000 images and tends to be quite slow, whereas a fresh catalog is still reasonably responsive. I always thought that my 150,000 images catalog was slow because there are so many images. Then...
  4. G

    Develop module Slow Lightroom on extremely fast M1 MAX MacBook pro 16"

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and hoping you will be able to help me out. Recently, I have received my new MacBook Pro 16" M1 MAX. 64gb ram with 2tb storage (1.5 tb still available). After lots of research and watching videos online, I was made to think this thing would be like a rocket...
  5. A

    Develop module Masking tool running slowly on fast machine LR11

    Hi, The new LR11 masking tool is a game changer, but I'm running into some issues. 'Select Subject' takes anywhere between 8-10 seconds each image to detect until the red overlay appears. The images aren't difficult as they are just standard engagement/wedding portraits of a couple shot almost...
  6. W

    Lightroom Not Responding and Slow

    First post! I've tried many things to speed up my LR, but it's incredibly slow. I've followed many of the settings recommendations given on various blog posts and forums, upgraded my SSD from 128GB to 500GB, paused Dropbox syncing during editing, uninstalled and reinstalled LR, and started...
  7. Dirt Napper

    Keywords- slow

    Since the last two updates to LR 10 I find the program is slowing down, having to close and open. Lately, adding keywords is almost impossible. It will start to auto complete and just hang. I have also noticed that when in PS, for no reason I can see, it will go back to LR! I had rolled back...
  8. H

    Slow closing of LR

    We are having a problem when we close LR Classic as it takes up to 10 minutes to close up. I have no other performance issues with LR when I am working with it but it takes a long time to shut down. Any ideas would be welcomed.
  9. M

    LR Cloud slows down Mac dramatically

    I have a problem for quite a while with slowness of LR CC on a 2019 MacBook Pro 15”, i7, 32 GB, 2TB SSD. 500 GB of operating system, paging space, etc. the catalogue is on the SSD. I’ve done all optimization steps I could find. The memory usage is 70-100%. The CPU usage is 93%. All other...
  10. A

    Lightroom Classic 10.1 hangs sometimes directly after Start

    Since the latest update to Lightroom 10.1 the program start sometime lasts extremely long (Lightroom first starts normal and the work area is already visible but then seems to hang for quite some time until I can start to work with it). It's the same as described here...
  11. R

    LRCC Slow to open and load images

    I have a mid 2017 imac 27 inches with 40 GB ram and 1tb Fusion drive with 40% free space. I have the latest version of LRClassic ver 9.4 . Startup of LR is too slow and then it takes time load images I have optimised my catalog which resides in my system HDD and catalog size is 3gb with...
  12. Epoch

    LrC 9.3 Import/Export *EX* Slow but LR 6.14 works fine? Hardware conflict?

    Hi guys! Here's the issue: LrC 9.3 will slow to a complete crawl 4 out of 5 times when Importing or Exporting. Yet LR 6.14 will have zero problems importing/exporting the very same files on the same disks. By slow I mean 5 1920x1920px jpegs can sometimes take upto 35 minutes to import. At...
  13. T

    Catalog Overload?

    Hi! Been a LR user since 2015. With half a decade worth of files, I am noticing a significant slowing down of LR (especially when backing up). Is it advisable to say, create a separate catalog for archive purposes and have an active working catalog? Or would it just cause more confusion in the...
  14. K

    Develop module LR 5.3 gets slower and slower the more I use it

    Laptop spec: i7-8550U CPU @1.8GHZ 16GB RAM 2 x SSD (both >50% free space) Windows 10 No other software running Catalog size: 200GB, about 10k images (mix of DNG and JPG) Full size JPEG preview has been built Images on the first SSD Camera raw cache set to 40GB on the second SSD On the develop...
  15. Bart van Hattem

    Develop module Classic 7.2 still slow can't work like it should be

    OSX High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): classic 7.2 Was waiting toi this upgrade because i thought it would solve my issues. Unfortunately not. Can't use the quick develop tools, creating previews; i don't wait for it. Closing and reopening directly does show...
  16. Bob Israel

    Lightroom slow down woes . . . again.

    Operating System: OS X (latest) Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC (latest update) I remember recently when LR Classic CC came out, it was all about speed improvements which were very noticeable. Well, lately on my iMac (i7, late 2015, maxed out on ram)...
  17. L

    Sync Downloading images from Adobe Cloud incredibly slow

    Operating System: OS X High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic version 7.1 Hi all - first time caller (but long time LR user)... So - in an effort to get both Lightroom CC (on laptop and mobile devices) and Lightroom Classic CC (on desktop computer) all synced...
  18. J

    Import Bug: Classic import process very slow specifically when using larger catalogues

    Operating System: Desktop: Mac Pro (mid2010) 16GB Memory Mac Sierra 10.12.3, ATI Radeon HD5770 1024MB with1TB internal SSD Laptop: MacBook Pro Retina (Early 2013), 2.7 Ghz Intel i7, 16GB Memory, Mac sierra 10.12.3, Intel Graphics 4000 1536 MB with 500GB internal SSD I upgraded to Classic and...
  19. H

    Develop module Slow curves tool in Classic CC?

    Operating System: Windows 10 Lightroom Version: Classic CC Question or Description of Problem: Is really slow and unresponsive curves tool a common problem with a new Classic CC? In my computer (i7-2600K, 16GB, system and caches in SSD, geforce gtx1050ti) the curves act like this short video...
  20. R

    LR CC too slow to startup

    I have a 2011 imac with 1 tb HDD ( 50 % full), 12 gb ram . I have LR cc installed. The catalog is on the main drive but images are on external hdd. the size of the catalog is about 2.5gb LR CC takes 10 minutes to start. This delay is only for startup but after that working on images there is no...
  21. W

    why do previews still take time to load? (smart & 1:1 built) - slow culling

    Hi, Culling is very slow!! When culling in library mode, previews still take time to load. It goes well for a few images, but then I see the unedited image with the loading text.. after a few seconds the preview is loaded. Why does it show the unedited version first when I have smart & 1:1...
  22. K

    Using lightroom to manage 4k videos

    I use lightroom 5 as a library tool to keep track of my photo and video clip collections and perform basic editings (mostly cutting). Most clips are no more than 30 seconds long. I run lightroom on laptop so that I manage my media at home or on the road. So far I am happy with this workflow...
  23. K

    Takes too long to zoom in 100%

    LR5.2 CPU: i5-3380M @ 2.9GHz 8GB Ram Win7 Prebuild 1:1 Preview Takes 5-10 second to zoom in 100% on 5d3 or 6d Raw files, that have not been edited. I think that's too long. How to bring it down under a second without hardware changes? I can not imagine modern computers require 10 seconds to...
  24. N

    LR CC massive slow down on W10

    I just upgraded from W7 to W10 and LR CC became extremely slow. I ran a search about it but all results are from last year. I have no idea why exporting became so insanely slow. Building previews too, clicking on settings and changing them adds seconds until you see the result. Use graphics...
  25. L

    LR CC freezing

    Everytime I open LR now its so laggy. All my star ratings are gone from the filmstrip down the bottom and everything takes several seconds to activate. If I go to quick it freezes and I have to force quit. I have tried optimizing my catalogue.