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slow lightroom

  1. M

    LR6.14 sudden incredibly slow performance; on Mac ~ possibly solved

    Running LR 6.14 on Mac mini 2018 (6 core, 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM). OS: Mojave 10.4.6. Monitor: LG 27UK850 UHD. Until today I've been very happy with LR performance. As I don't have much RAM inevitably there is a Swap file in use especially with a few big apps open but with the Mac's SDD it is still...
  2. D

    Would a new IMAC help me?

    I have the opportunity to buy a use IMAC at a very good price. i'm currently on an older imac but don't know if the new one is going to give me enough performance increase. here's my specs: using LR CC Classic with 390,00 photos in one catalogue. i have the photos spread over 7 or 8 external...
  3. D

    LR Classic Running Slowly Since Latest Updates

    Since updating to LR Classic 8.2, and since updating Windows 10 same day, I've noticed LR has materially slowed down. It's almost become too frustrating to use. I've run antivirus programs, and system appears clean. Other applications are all running fine, including Photoshop. I've performed...
  4. Abel

    Develop module Classic 7.2 still slow can't work like it should be

    OSX High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): classic 7.2 Was waiting toi this upgrade because i thought it would solve my issues. Unfortunately not. Can't use the quick develop tools, creating previews; i don't wait for it. Closing and reopening directly does show...
  5. K

    Problems with import (LR5)

    I have a big issue with my LR. All of the sudden, after today's optimizing the LR (weekly backup) I started having problems with import. I can see the files prior to import once I put the card into the cardreader but when I press import only "empty windows" load and LR freezes upon building...
  6. P

    Slow Running Lightroom 3 on El Capitan

    Having used Lightroom successfully on my MacBook Pro since 2009, I updated the OS on it to El Capitan last week. Other than Lightroom 3 running a little more slowly, I noticed no significant problems until yesterday when I imported 264 CR2 images (shot on Canon EOS 5D Mk II, average image size...
  7. R

    LRCC slow to Open

    I have a mid 2011 imac 27 inches and LRCC latest version. My catalog size is 3gb. When I open LR, it takes quite a lot of time to open ( slow startup) . Around 5 to 7 minutes. What can i do to fasten things? Your help appreciated
  8. D

    Speed issue...

    Hello everybody, I think this is a topic for specialists, and I thought I will find some on this forum! First, I'm a photographer, not a computer addict ;) I use LR for several years and I was really happy with it till... LR6 (CC) as it gets really slow. Some more informations : I try to...
  9. A

    Lightroom CC running very slow on new Laptop

    I just upgraded to a new Lenovo PC with maxed out specs: 64GB RAM 2.8Gz Xeon Processor Intel Graphics card SSD operating hard drive - with OS, Lightoom catalog, etc. 2TB second internal hard drive for my RAW files and Lightroom cache Windows 10 64bit I expected everything to FLY on the new...
  10. H

    Very slow Lightroom in iMac 5K late 2015

    Hi, I have read a lot about the performance of especialy Lightroom in the above mentioned iMac. I planned to buy this iMac, which is BTW advised by the Macperformance guide, but a lot of people complained about the slowiness of Lightroom. Probably due to Adobe. Is someone out there who wants to...