1. EdRobinson

    Lightroom Classic Slideshow Corrupt After Updating to v11.4 on Windows 10 & 11

    Heads up on a problem I've run into after updating to v11.4 (originally posted on Adobe Forum) I’ve been using the slideshow module almost daily however immediately after updating to v11.4 “Export Video” freezes Lightroom. I rolled back to v11.3 however the problem still exist. I’ve also opened...
  2. B


    Hi! My Lightroom has been doing slideshows for weeks now, and no problem. Just last week it won’t work. It’s just a black screen. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 photo or 100. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you, Renee’
  3. becksnyc

    Caption photos with lowest level keywords

    I am a visual learner and would like to create a slideshow of hundreds of insects with lowest level keyword as a caption. All of my insects are keyworded with every taxonomical level. I don't want to change the export settings for everything above the lowest level. Is there a way to automate...
  4. Nicky3540

    Black Screen—Slideshow Bug?

    Sometimes my slideshows play fine; other times, I hit the Play triangle and all I get is a black screen—no music, no show. The only to way to fix it is to quit and restart Lr (without taking time to back up the catalog). Then it works fine—until it hangs again, and there's no predicting when...
  5. U

    Slideshow export MP4 blurry

    Hi everyone, I have the following problem: My slideshows look very good when I play them in the Slideshow module. When I export them as mp4 1080p they are noisy and blurred. That's only since I switched to LR Classic CC, under LR6 everything was fine. Does anyone have an idea? Best, Uwe
  6. A

    Slideshow won't play videos

    I am putting together a LR slideshow that combines stills and videos. Outputting it to a video works, but then I have no control over moving from one slide to the next. When within Lightroom I try 'Play' in manual, the stills works fine, but at best the videos (which are max 45 seconds at 1080...
  7. I

    How to force shared albums and slideshows to one full-screen photo

    I'm a new user of Lightroom CC (the latest cloud product). I've shared a couple of albums to the web, and in each case, Lightroom seems to randomly display photos 4 to a page. I always want one photo, full screen, regardless of size or resolution. How can I force this to be the case? I don't...
  8. U

    Slideshow module problems with slideshow

    Hi There I use Lightroom Classic CC, Version 7.5. I cannot run a slideshow - a window pops up saying: Dynamic Link Media Server failed to launch Please try relaunching the app. If the problem persists, you may want to re-install Lightroom. Has anybody faced the same problem and found a way so...
  9. D

    Slideshow gives only grey line

    I have 6. and I have been making slideshows with no problems until today . All that shows is a grey screen with a thin grey horizontal line across the middle of the page . I reloaded LR and its still the same . I searched the web and saw another person post this same issue but there was no...
  10. achrysos

    Slideshow module grumpy about the slideshow module

    There haven't been any serious or significant updates to the Slideshow (and Print for that matter) module for such a long time, and yet it is such an easy target as there are quick fixes that could be made. So I got to wondering whether the gripes I have are the same as the experience of...
  11. N+13


    Operating System:Mac High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Classic CC 2015.12 Slideshow: "Manual mode does not support these settings?" I've unchecked everything and still can't run a slide show without timing. What am I missing? Thanks for any help
  12. Kit Zare

    Slow export on slideshow

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom version: CC 2015.12 [ 1125239 ] License: Creative Cloud Operating system: Mac OS 10 Version: 10.11 [6] OSX El Captan 4 Ghz Intel Core I7 32 GB Memory I discovered yesterday that slideshow is not exporting. I’m...
  13. T

    Slideshow & Slide Copying

    Hello! I'm just beginning to use Lightroom 6 on a more consistent basis and had a few questions: I'm now creating a slide show using Lightroom's Slideshow module, but creating the preview seems to be taking a VERY long time. I have approximately 380 slides selected and each is a 14 mb .NEF...
  14. guido.coza

    can one do voice recordings to a slideshow

    Hi all Just a quick question Can I do voice recording to a slideshow. I have a slideshow with musik but would like to prerecord a explanation for certain /all slides. Possible? Thanks in advance
  15. nIkedoni1a

    How do you create a collection of just one person?

    I would like to create a slideshow for a particular individual. Photos can have other individuals in them but every photo should also include this one person. I have clicked the face icon in the task bar and have confirmed the vast majority of faces in multiple folders so Lr seems to...
  16. R

    Cant reorder images in a slideshow collection

    Ive started a slideshow (made a collection, clicked save slideshow which created a nested collection that seems to be a dup of its parent; no idea why it would want to do that). When I select that lower (lowest) level collection, should I not be able to reorder the images by dragging on the...
  17. M

    LR CC won't import video OR play a slideshow

    I've searched the forums for problems similar to mine, but nothing seems to help. Lightroom CC fails to import new videos (from either Canon or iPhone files) or play old ones. The transport controls are missing in the second case. So far as slideshow goes, I get the "Dynamic Link Media Server...
  18. mantra

    slideshow without creating previews possible? cc 6.9

    hi i have used very rarely lightroom v6 slideshow feature what i did not liked about v5 was that lightroom v5 starts to create a lof of preview files before start a simple slideshow for a simple preview i mean ony a black background and the picture with all the slideshow feature off when i...
  19. N

    Slideshow music attachement

    I have created a slideshow in lightroom and I'm trying to attach a music file in the Audio section. I click "select Music" button choose my song choice. Beside the song title there is an ! and the music will not play in lightroom. Help!! Thanks
  20. Cuzzinbrucie

    Rant! Why are slideshows so different between LR desktop, web, and mobile?

    I'm new to LR. Maybe my 40 year career in a two platform mainframe/PC IT environment did not adequately prepare me for what to expect when the output goes to the internet and mobile platforms also. I expected that whatever I created on the developer's platform, ie desktop, would carry forward...
  21. P

    image number / flrexibility / templates

    Hi all I use the token 'image-number' in my slideshows. but need some flexibility. I do have som "subtitle"-slides, where an image number is nonsense/unwanted. Therefore: can I accomplish this somehow? the same direction: can I use different templates within one show? thank you
  22. A

    Slideshow hangs on creating previews

    Although slideshow has worked for me in the past, after recent updates in Mac OS and Lightroom when I try to Play a slideshow it either hangs or crashes creating the previews. I have tried turning off using the graphics processor as suggested in one online discussion, restarted lightroom...
  23. mantra

    is there a way to burn a slideshow directly from lightroom?

    Hi i'm using lightroom cc 6.4 under w10 64bit but can i burn a slideshow create with lightroom directly from lightroom ? or do i need another software? thanks