Develop module Masking always starts with Saturation slider set to -33

    I'm working with a client who is using a Mac. For some reason, on his computer, every time we add a mask to an image, the Saturation slider starts off set to -33 instead of zero like all the other sliders. We've zeroed that slider out, thinking LRC would remember the zero setting. But the next...
  2. N

    Tone Curve and Sliders

    Is there a way to ‘link’ the Tone Curve and the Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks sliders please? So that when a slider is moved I can see the effect on the Tone Curve and vice versa? Or am I misunderstanding how the sliders and curve are related? I’ve wondered about this for...
  3. L

    Develop module Image Flickering when Moving Blacks or Shadows Slider

    I have a month old iMac with the specs below. When I move the blacks or shadows sliders in the develop module they flicker and change the image dramatically so much so that I can't tell where the image is actually at with the slider until I stop moving it which causes me not to remember...
  4. Photocatseyes

    Sliders move or hang after mouse movement

    Operating System: Mac High Sierra - magic mouse Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic I use sliders when in develop mode, but I found that over the last weeks, the sliders move on their own to the total other direction of where I want them. I adapt highlights for...
  5. D

    Can the sliders in the Development module be controlled ?

    Whenever I try to make minor adjustments to an image using the sliders in the development module, just clicking the arrow without moving the mouse already changes the slider value considerably. I must carefully watch the current value before even touching the slider so I can at least go back to...
  6. rthomaslyons

    Improved LR slider sensitivity

    Is it just my old iMac springing to life or have the sliders in the Develop module become more sensitive (powerful) in recent updates. Its seems to me there is a lot more range in them than a few updates ago,