1. fbx33

    Photos and LrC previews almost same size on disk?

    Does this make sense? I imported the photos from folder "LR Classic Photos" to a new instal of LrC. The photos take up 144 GB. The LrC previews take up 97 GB. This seems nuts to me but thought I'd ask. Thanks for help--
  2. R

    Why is file size greatly reduced when exported?

    I recently started using the cloud based version of LRCC on my desktop computer with Windows 10. When I export photos after editing, the size of the file is crazy small. Even if I'm not cropping the image. For instance, a raw image that is 27 mb is 429 kb after export in jpeg format, with...
  3. S

    filter by size for import?

    Is it possible to have LRC only import files over a certain size? I have a backup of lots of lost pictures on an old HDD but of course there are literally hundreds of thousands of little scraps of GIF JPG and PNG on the drive. What I'd like to do is cut back the task by only importing RAW, TIFF...
  4. christruhephotos

    Missing size glider

    The image sizing glider is missing now from the library module. Any ideas how to get it back??
  5. mantra

    customize the splash screen ,why this border? and fonts

    hi I run lightroom 7.4 under windows 10 and under high sierra ,i have installed 2015 last build too may i ask 3 questions? i have watched this video ( it's not in my native language , i guess it's spanish ) i created a new splash screen but there is always this border 1) is there a way...
  6. G

    Maximum Database Size?

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2015-13 Is there a recommended maximum to the database size in Lightroom? I currently have about 122,000 pictures stored in LR. While the importing of new pictures seems to go at a reasonable pace, it seems to take...
  7. D

    LR reduces the size of my pictures when set 1:1 (sometimes!)

    Operating System:Macbook Pro 2015 on 10.11.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.7 I have been scanning some film and importing it into LR. If the scan is for example 5000x5000 pixels and I click on 1:1, then sometimes the picture will show at approximately 2 screens wide as it...