1. JeffEllis

    Are LRC 2021 .xmp files backward compatible with LRC 2019?

    Hi gang. Last year had to upgrade my MacBook Pro to a 16" w/Catalina. And for the most part happy. But my desktop 2013 model MacPro is still running Sierra (OS 10.12.4) to be able to use some important older software. Also not sure how well my MacPro will handle Catalina - if anyone has opinions...
  2. mantra

    photoshop cc scratch disk question on osx sierra question

    Hi i run photoshop cc 2018/2017 and cc 2015 under sierra last built osx my machine has 32GB of ram , and i bought a second ssd for scratch disk i have setup photoshop to use this second scratch disk well i started photoshop cc open a raw file or a jpg , while it's open and running , i gave...