1. Birdbrain186

    Develop module .xmp sidecar files - which LR setting generates these?

    I have recently found that .xmp "sidecar" files are no longer being generated for .CR2 files that I have edited. I think (but am not 100% certain) these have always in the past been generated on importing the .CR2 files rather than at the time of carrying out the edits. I do know that I can...
  2. braver

    reconnect jpg to dng as sidecar

    I had some strange import hiccups where RAW+JPG pairs were separated and not setup with JPG as RAW sidecar. My preferences do not tell Lr to treat them as separate. I had one import where SNGs were duplicated with -2 (although this was the very first and only import) and then there was the...
  3. Jon Busby

    Tethering a Nikon into Catalina OS

    Hi everyone My normal workflow in LR Classic is to tether directly. Currently my OS is Mojave. I am interested in upgrading to Catalina for the single purpose of using the Sidecar option with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. My concern is that I see mixed reports of the Catalina upgrade and how...
  4. pedz

    Adding side car files

    I'm piddling with video more and more. Here is today's problem / question. I have an Osmo Pocket that takes videos and puts out MP4 files. I also have a Ninja V HDMI recorder that puts out MOV files. Both of these LR will pull in but in both cases, it says they are "Unknown Camera". I...
  5. retina

    Reading XMP sidecar files automatically on import

    Hi folks, is there a way for Lightroom to automatically read an associated XMP sidecar file when importing RAW files? I know that you can select any number of files and use the menu option 'Metadata>Read metadata from file' after importing, but I would like to have the option of doing this...
  6. E

    How to use XMP sidecar files for JPEGs in Lightroom

    Hello, I am a new Lightroom user who has recently migrated from Aperture. I am working on a referenced catalogue of nearly 150K images. The file types I am working with are RAW, RAW+JPEG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and Videos. I am using a mac pro (late 2013), OS X El Capitan and Lightroom/Photoshop...