1. Arqtiq

    Zoom level on iPad version?

    On the desktop version of Lightroom (CC), the zoom level is preserved when browsing through photos. Use case: I have a few hundred burst photos of an animal. I want to narrow those down to the ones that are tack sharp. I therefore zoom to 100% (or even 200%) and start browsing through them with...
  2. nkawoods

    CMD + Delete shortcut not working - Problem Solved

    My workflow involves rejecting any photos I don't want in a folder, then I go back and hit "CMD + Delete", get a question about whether I want to just remove the photos from LR or delete them from the disk, I choose delete. Over the past 2-3 weeks the CMD + Delete shortcut had quit working in...
  3. mikecox

    Ctrl-Q accidents

    I can't say how many times I have pressed the Ctrl key then inadvertently hit the Q key instead of A or 1 and been FORCED to shut Lr down in the middle of an editing session. It makes me nuts and it makes me wonder why there is no cancel option' I can't believe I'm the only one who has had to...
  4. Dano59

    Keyboard shortcuts for keywording??

    We're using LR cc on a mac platform at work. We regularly catalog 1,000+ "snapshots" for projects. Our workflow seems to work well except for keywording... which is often neglected because it tends to be very time consuming. We really only use 6 primary keywords but relevant images are...
  5. BobMc

    LR CC/6 Keyboard Shortcuts?

    I use LR6 with a perpetual license and as such, I don't follow the CC upgrades and changes. It occurred to me to ask, have there been any changes to the shortcuts in CC since LR6 came out? Looking at Victorias LR CC/6 Keyboard shortcuts PDF, I don't see any notations of differences, but I...