1. BobRock

    Lightroom upscale for printing vs. plug-in?

    Since Lightroom upscales for printing if necessary, is there a reason to use a third-party upscale plug-in if the output will be printed?
  2. S

    Image quality adjustments

    Hi. I've used several different programs for processing in the past but none are are intuitive and easy to use as LR so i always return. However, one thing i have noticed in other software packages is that they have a very obvious way of correcting for inherent loss of sharpness due to a...
  3. Paul_DS256

    DxO PureRAW Impressions

    I've already commented on another post on PureRAW but here are some of my personal conclusions. For background, I shoot with a Nikon D5300 and Olympus E-PM1 micro four thirds. For post processing, I use LrC and Topaz DeNoise and Sharpen. I shoot mostly landscape. I downloaded a trial version...
  4. M

    Unwanted sharpening after import (not visible on export)

    Hey, after I import my photos, they have this ugly sharpening look. It stays even if I switch off all effects and the photo is listed as unedited but even though it looks different then original import. After I export the photo it's ok and the sharpening is not visible but it is a pain in the...
  5. murali

    Develop module Image inside the Detail panel does not look correct

    LR Version: 8.3 Classic OS Windows 10 with all latest updates Computer: Microsoft Surface Pro Camera: Nikon D800E In the Develop Module, when the image is zoomed to fit the screen, the portion of the image that is shown in the image window in the Detail panel looks very fuzzy (see screenshot 1)...
  6. S

    Default sharpening values with LR import

    Hello, With my D800 the default sharpening and noise reduction is always the same. But with the Z6 files, this is a different amount. Depeninding on the IDO setting? Even de noise reduction is changed, want LR import doesn't do with the D800 files. Strangly, the radius is always 2.0. Isn't this...
  7. D

    Excessive sharpening on CR2 import

    Hello! From day 1 when I bought my new Canon 80D camera last year I've been having problems in lightroom with photos in RAW format. Whenever I import a photo, Camera RAW automatically applies sharpening on it. That sharpening does not completely go away if I put sharpen slider to 0. On photos...
  8. R

    Sharpening + Lens Corrections = Moire

    I've had an issue with moire in some of my exported photos last night. I finally tracked down some discussion elsewhere that resulted in finding a solution, albeit one that doesn't make me happy. It turns out that I could remove the moire by either turning off all sharpening or turning off lens...
  9. B

    Using masking while sharpening within a radial Filter

    Hi, I often only apply any sharpening to a specific part of an image rather than the image as a whole. Usually, I make edits within specific parts of an image using radial filters and I was wondering if there was any way of replicating the masking feature that is available when using the...
  10. B

    Change in sharpness

    Hi I've been having an issue for a while now where the sharpness of my images does not appear correctly when viewed at regular size. When I zoom in to 1:1 the image renders sharp, but when I return to 'Fit' size the sharpness disappears after a split second. This occurs in both the Library and...
  11. M

    Export to JPEG - sharpening?

    Hi, I could not find an answer in Victoria's book or in video tutorials: when I want to export my sideshow as JPEGs, I can choose the quality and size, but what about output sharpening? Is it not necessary as it is in the normal export dialogue? I am converting my raws to DNG during import...
  12. T

    Sharpen Question

    Is initial import into lightroom with a preset applying both Noise and Sharpening a good practice or a good idea ~ I've seen some indications that this is OK but it seems to me that it runs the risk of also sharpening the Noise.Anyone got experience or thoughts on this, guidance would be...
  13. Jimmsp

    Sharpening - a technical question

    I generally do my capture sharpening in LR with a small value of sharpening (~25) and a reasonable sized mask (~50) depending on the subject. Then I want to do some creative sharpening on parts of the photo, so I move to the adjustment brush. Even with Automask engaged, I often slop over the...