1. P

    Which version of LrC will run smoothly on an iMac mid 2011?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and just finished a first course on Lightroom, being part of a photography course. I own an old iMac 27" mid 2011 I7 with 1TB SSD and 32Gb 1066 Mhz RAM. It runs IOS Monterey 12.4 No problems occur with simple RAW photo editing, but when it gets more elaborated, the...
  2. G

    Jared Platt: Contour Shuttle Pro 2 Settings

    The well-known photographer Jared Platt usually uses two devices (Wacom Tablet Pro and the Contour Shuttle Pro 2) when he is working in Lightroom. For those viewers who are interested in his settings, I got for you his Contour Shuttle Pro 2 Settings (see attachments). Also his "next six images"...
  3. N

    Wacom pen settings - possible to do brush size (and feather amount)?

    I'm new to Wacom having just acquired a lightly-used very basic CTL-4100 (it does have 4 ExpressKeys on the top). In Photoshop I can set a pen button to Ctrl+Alt+R click that allows me to adjust brush size (move the pen L-R) and adjust the opacity (move the pen Up-Down). Very nice. With LrC...
  4. R

    Saving a local adjustment brush movements

    Hello is there anyway to save all adjustments that I have made with the adjustment brush? Creating a brush preset only saves the values but not the area that I painted. The reason is, I wish to create a star shape with one brush and to be able to use it in the future. This works when I save the...
  5. K

    About Security

    Hi guyzz, im kinda new to lightroom and starting to build up catalog for my 40k archive, so, one things i cant really understand is, where are catalog settings, such as pick flags, color labels, stars and keywords are stored, to back it up on hdd, because I decided to use smart collections...
  6. Antonio Correia

    Catalogs, settings and Back-ups

    I have 1 MacBook + 1 iMac + 1 LaCie drive. I work with all my available images stored in the last device with one computer or the other. Sometimes I make Back-ups And - sometimes - I used to erase the created folders. Not any more. Each time I erased and old Back-up I had problems about missing...
  7. F

    Fujifilm RAW conversion

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and as you'll see, I'm very new to both my Fujifilm X-T20 and to shooting RAW. I just purchased Lightroom 6.14 perpetual (not Creative Cloud). Adobe assured me I didn't need another RAW converter. Now, in LR Develop module my pics are good but when exporting as JPG, they...
  8. nIkedoni1a

    How do I Sync white balance for before and after images?

    I am a dermatologist and we take before and after photos of patients. The after pictures often have a different hue due to white balance. I haven't had much success playing with the sliders in the basic panel and haven't figured out if I can view both images side by side like you can in the...