1. Klaus Mohr

    Library module Photo selection in publish service after editing

    Operating System: Windows 10 Lightroom Version: LR Classic CC 7.1 After editing the metadata of a published photo within the collection of a Publish Service, the thumbnail will be moved up to the section "Modified Photos to Re-Publish", but the selection will disappear. It does not remain on...
  2. D

    Select master file starting from virtual copy selection

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to make a selection of all the master files in a folder starting from a selection of some virtual copies. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance!
  3. D

    LR Performance During Keywording

    I've been having performance problems during keywording. Keywording works fine initially, and gets gradually less and less responsive. In addition, selecting photos gets less responsive, and sometimes clicks for selection are ignored. Leaving LR and restarting temporarily resolves the issue...
  4. I

    Saving/finding location in collection

    I use collections (of various types) to organise my photos, and these can be up to 10000 images in size. The problem I have is that as I move through a collection sorting keywording and editing, I might take a break and quickly look at another collection. But when I come back to the first...