secondary display

  1. Brent Harsh

    Solved: Info overlay on Secondary Monitor toggling behavior

    For the longest time I have been frustrated with the Info overlay behavior on the secondary monitor - sometimes, it's on; sometimes, it's off; and almost *never* would it obey the "i" keystroke which only seemed to change the main monitor. I finally hammered on things enough to understand why...
  2. Stefan Aalten-Voogd

    Show map view and loupe view side by side on same screen (using secondary monitor feature?)

    I would like to have the map view and loupe view for a photo showing side by side on the same screen. This will help me as I'm working my way through photos and updating their geographical locations. I know I can use the "secondary monitor" feature to show the loupe view on a separate monitor...
  3. MargieGJ

    Using iMac as a secondary monitor

    I’ve been using LR on my laptop. Photos are all on an external drive and my catalog is on the laptop. I also own an iMac and it seems a shame for it to sit idle. I’ve progressed to the point that I would like to edit photos on the 27” iMac screen. I’ve been thinking that there might be a way to...
  4. Paul_DS256

    Control Which Monitor Secondary Display Used in 3 Monitor Configuration

    I have the following (attached) monitor configuration on my Windows 10 system. The left (2) monitor was recently added and since it's larger than the right, I want to run LR modules from it. The problem is that I want the centre (1) monitor to be the second display. This is a good quality...