1. jemostrom

    Finding photos that are not in an album?

    I’ve been trying to find a way to find photos that are not in an album but I must be missing something. How can I do this?
  2. Photocitizen

    Advanced search in app or on web with AI disabled

    Is it possible to limits searches in LRCC web o LR ios/Andoid app to keywords only? This is easy to do with the filters in LR Classic. When I search CC o the web for a word that I know exists as a keyword in many of my images, I get so many non-keyworded images in the search results that it’s...
  3. studiolaflamme

    Help searching for files

    Hello to all you queen's our there:-) Photographer from Canada here, nice to meet you under low stress circumstances. I'm having a minor problem (that I'm too silly to figure out), and someone on reddit suggest I bring it up here as you people are in the know. So my problem is, I've exported...
  4. G

    Keyword count and functionality

    Do you think that Adobe will give serious arrention to revamping its handling of keywords anytime soon? They have introduced a count of keywords in a tooltip hover over the keyword entry panel. It tells you how many keywords you have entered. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much...
  5. GingeraMan

    Search - Images in One Collection Only ("To Sort")

    Hey all.. I have a collection called "To Sort" - some sort of dumping ground I thought was a great idea at the time. So now it has a large number of images without an easy way to see if they have been applied to another collection... Is there a way to find images that are in this collection...
  6. Martin Cregg

    Search by Applied Preset

    I have created a presest and applied it to a number of images. Is it possible to search by the name of this present and find all images that it has been applied to?
  7. O

    Is there a way to search videos by their duration?

    Hi, I am new to Lightroom. I just made the move from Aperture. I am wondering wether there is a way to search videos by their duration. I'd like to get rid of all my videos that are 3 seconds or shorter. I could do that in Aperture via a smart album, but in Lightroom I can't seem to find a way...
  8. A

    Help with custom metadata

    Hi I have some custom metadata in my database, and I would like to fill it out using text in the Instructions IPTC field. For instance the Instructions might be: Format: Positive 4x5 Film: Fuji RVP 100 Focal Length: 58 Exposure Time: .5 F Stop: 19 Filter: CF2 Push/Pull: 0.00 And I have the...
  9. A

    Find "?" in titles

    Titled a load of photos last week, where they needed further info I put '???" at the beginning, assuming I could apply a filter and come back to them later - but I can't! Can't find anything to say that '?' is a wildcard, is there anything I can do to find these images? Lightroom seems to...
  10. T

    Trouble tracking down personal pictures in LR import. Sifting through icons and gfx

    Full disclosure: I am fairly advanced in many of the adobe CC programs, with Photoshop cc 2015 being by far my comfort zone. For whatever reason, I never spent too much time in lightroom until recently. My problem is this: 1) Trying to track down all my personal pictures. I have about 6...
  11. Roelof Moorlag

    Search added to Lightroom web

    Nice, Adobe introducing 'Technology Preview' to test new functionality, starting with search: Introducing Technology Previews and Search in Lightroom on the web