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    Crop, save & Export

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not. I am digitizing old photos. Batches are being scanned in with an average of 5 - 6 photos of different sizes per scan (Epson scanner). I then duplicated each image using Windows to create 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 copies as appropriate, imported in...
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    Creating a Custom crop and Saving It

    Is there any way to create a custom crop in Lightroom CC Classic , and have the that crop ratio saved for re-use? I get tired of having to re-enter the custom crop ratio every time I re-open Lightroom and want to use it again. Bizarrely, below the "Enter Custom..." menu item are two further...
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    Which collection do new photos go to?

    Previously, I had set new photos from the the Lightroom camera to be saved to one Lr collection, and the photos from the iOS camera to be saved to a different Lr collection. Now, all are being saved to the same collection. Is there a way for me to adjust some settings to restore my previous setup?
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    Saving processed photos to second drive

    Imported images from sad card into Lightroom, on 1 external drive Edit in Lightroom, do final edits in Photoshop Need to save to 2nd hard drive as psd.- not to drive 1 Edited picture should appear in catalog in drive 2, not in drive 1 ( in other words, I save psd files to drive 2, which had its...