save metadata

  1. Califdan

    Save Metadata to File for DNG's does not clear the tag

    Hi, In some (not all) cases where I have a DNG file where LrC shows the down-arrow icon indicating that the metadata in LrC has changed and the change has not been copied to the file, when I click the icon (or use the menu to save metadata to file). The date/time shown in Windows/10 file...
  2. Umberto Cocca

    Sync Date not reported correctly in LR

    Hi all, I am using LR Classic CC on my desktop and I have set up LR CC on my android phone to syncronize mobile photos to the main catalog. All works fine, except I noticed that WhatsApp images are reported with the wrong capture date and time in the Library Loupe view overlay. In this example...
  3. M

    Save Metadata vs Read Metadata?

    I made changes to a photo in Camera Raw (in Photoshop). When I right-click the image in Lightroom, I have the option to "Save Metadata to File" or "Read Metadata from File." What is the difference?