1. frostbytes

    Work flow with a retoucher?

    I've started working with a retoucher to edit a moderate volume of photos every day. So far I've been uploading the photos to Dropbox. She downloads them, retouches in Lighroom, and uploads them back to Dropbox. The process is slow (since I'm sending GBs of RAW files) and if I need to make...
  2. R

    Book Recommendation

    Hi, I have been using Lightroom for many years and am pretty comfortable using it. I now want to step things up and use Photoshop for advanced retouching/blending of photos - be it potraits, travel photography, etc. I've tried teaching myself Photoshop but find it quite impenetrable to start...
  3. A

    Best tool for removing unwanted object?

    I have a photograph where the blurry edge of a finger has intruded down into the field of view. This part of the image is a lightly-textured blank wall of uniform color. It seems like it should be easy to "paint" over this area with a swatch from the wall, but I'm really a newbie at retouching...