1. mantra

    is there a script to backup lightroom & photoshop preferences under mac osx ?

    Hi is there a script to backup and maybe restore lightroom & photoshop preferences under mac ? i run high sierra and mojave i'm worried about osx permisssion and tons of pages about how to fix osx permissions and tool like onyx i would like to know if i can simply backup zipping the...
  2. R

    Files recognized by LR in Import, missing in Library

    This is the error message I am getting: "The destination folder “/Volumes/LaCie/Previous backup from Iomega.maybe incomplete 1.9.19/Iomega HDD from Backblaze/2015_12_11 to be sorted lx5” is not available. Using “Pictures” folder instead." I have restored files onto a new external hard drive...
  3. E

    "Lightroom Catalog was left in an inconsistent state" - how do I recover it?!

    As above, I tried to open Lightroom this morning and was greeted with this message. About three hours ago it said in the same message "Lightroom must restore the catalog before proceeding - this may take several minutes". What's going on, what caused this and how do I fix it please?! I know I'm...
  4. D

    Need help to restore from backup catalog

    I need help. I am very close to publishing a book. I was in the process of making a PDF from Lightroom so I can check edit, etc. I must have touched something else on the Lightroom screen. When the PDF was done, I had my PDF, but all the book had disappeared except a cover with text and no...
  5. P

    There has to be a way to restore the edits of 700 photos I just accidentally removed from LR catalog

    Please tell me that I did not just WASTE the last 24 hours of my life. I have been editing over 700 photographs since yesterday morning. I was going through them one last time to make slight adjustments and found a photo that I hadn't noticed was out of focus before so I decided to remove it...
  6. W

    Catalog corrupt

    It would appear that my catalog has been corrupted and maybe all the backups(?). So I am faced with the prospect of rebuilding the entire catalog. I am assuming that I simply start with creating a new catalog and maybe import my most recent images and then import the older ones as time allows...
  7. JeffEllis

    Lost some EXIF data-can I restore from file without losing developments?

    I'm shooting with a drone. DJI Phantom 3 In the EXIF data we see both Altitude and GPS data. In trying to edit a basic Metadata preset I accidentally lost the Altitude and GPS on 180 files. Can I import just that selected data from original files without losing all my develop adjustments?? How?