1. G

    CR2 files have changed so smaller sRAW or mRAW

    I have some old photos shot with a Canon 60D in 2011. While going through the catalog, I noticed some of the photos, which should be 5134x3147 are now showing as a lower resolution (2592x1728). When I tried to take these into DXO I get a warning saying DXO doesn't handle sRAW/mRAW. I never...
  2. C

    Map module Lightroom 6 - GPS

    Hi I'm still on Lightroom 6.14. I'm going to try to manually GSP tag a number of old photos (i.e. not with a gpx tracking file, but with manually dragging onto the map). I've done the Google Maps API hack, so I can still see Google Maps in the Maps module. A couple of questions: 1. I have a...
  3. A

    Output Size and Quality for Google Photos Upload

    Hi, I have some photos that I want to upload to my friend's Google Photos. They would exclusively only be looking at these photos on their phone. But, I suppose there is the possibility that someday they may have a larger device (tablet, maybe even a laptop). I don't anticipate them ever...
  4. mikecox

    Export parameters are meaningless?????

    I thought I understood the export size and resolution options in Lr Export. I export image sets, to my boss, for posting to a website. I set the long side to 500 pix and resolution to 100 kb. But he insists that the resolution option in irrelevant and that "Lr is confusing" me, by offering...