1. PatrickC

    Sound when Re-sizing Brush

    Just a minor irritation; when re-sizing a minus brush, ie when holding down the Alt key, when using the [ and ] (square brackets) it plays the Windows asterisk sound. Does anybody know a) why? and b) can I stop it doing this?
  2. B

    Export Image Resizing

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.5.1 This question may have been already asked before but I cannot find an answer. I have seen similar threads in other forums. The question is about exporting from LR to obtain a specified image size with exact...
  3. A

    Output Size and Quality for Google Photos Upload

    Hi, I have some photos that I want to upload to my friend's Google Photos. They would exclusively only be looking at these photos on their phone. But, I suppose there is the possibility that someday they may have a larger device (tablet, maybe even a laptop). I don't anticipate them ever...
  4. Cuzzinbrucie

    How to reduce/resize a photo while constraining to 5"x7"

    I have about 10 photos that came from Google street view of all the homes I have lived in. They are larger than a 5x7 crop. Library view says they are 1044x614. Cropping to 5x7 would cut off off information I need from the photo. I expect Develop/Transform/Scale is one tool I can use. When...