1. Stephanie Booth

    Removing leading whitespace from filenames (how to)

    Just putting this here in case it's useful to somebody. For some reason, many of my image files had leading whitespace (one or two spaces) in their filenames. Here's how I got rid of it. 1. I sorted my whole catalog by file name so that those with the leading spaces would be listed first, and...
  2. JamesStewart

    Export Filenumber Name Prefix Not working

    Operating System: MAC os Sierra Lightroom Version: CC 2015.12 Question or Description of Problem: The problem is when I try to export a batch and rename them with the "File naming -> Rename To -> Custom Settings" option and add "Filenumber Name Prefix" to the name, it simply doesnt show...
  3. P

    Renaming auto-imported photos?

    Hi. When I'm away for a number of days I like to upload my photos into Camera Roll and auto-import them into LR Mobile, synching them with LR Desktop when I get home. This works very well except that there is no Import step in which I rename, add metadata etc. I can add metadata to my imported...
  4. N

    Renaming images on import with date/time metadata

    Hi all, Does anyone know if it is possible to rename files on import to the capture date and time that is included in the images' metadata? For example, if an image's metadata shows me "Date Time Original: 6/1/17 2:45:22 PM" - would it be possible to import this image with a filename of...
  5. W

    File renaming on photo import to Lightroom

    I'm trying to import my first batch of photos. According to the Quickstart e-book, if I check the "Rename Files" box there should be a pop-up where you can create a renaming template. I don't see a pop-up. Am I missing something?