1. Brian Scantlebury

    How do I recover last keywords

    Hi I have just tried to do a metadata update. That is I went to the metadata edit area and edited the metadata to try and get the copryright of appear on all image matadata. Having done that I went back to the folder I was working on and found all my keywords missing. Other folders seem ok. I...
  2. Megan

    Hard drive crashed, wedding photos gone! Help!

    Hi everyone, My wedding photographer had some of my wedding photos in Lightroom and her computer crashed (they were deleted from SD card and thery were not backed up). So, we paid $800 to have the hard drive recovered and none of the Lightroom catalogs were recovered. I am devestated so wanted...
  3. W

    Recover deleted xmp files and develop settings.

    Hello All I have had some bad luck with my catalog files. I have a new backup and an older one from december. Somewhere inbetween I synced my folders and lost a few edit setting for some photos that was done in January and February. I have tried recovery software to recover the catalog files...