1. J

    Editing and Exporting Raw Images

    Hello, I am struggling with the process of editing raw images (working with CR2 and ORF type) and subsequently exporting as JPEG. Is there a way to import to Lightroom the image so that it looks the same as the original raw image? The colors are automatically adjusted and there is a...
  2. celeste

    Editing Apple Pro RAW in LR (folder-based)

    LR version 13.0.1 Windows 11 Currently I shoot with an Olympus camera, and my iPhone 15 Pro Max. I shoot in raw in both cases. iPhone photos (ProRAW Max) are copied to my PC in my preferred folder structure (just as I copy from an SD card). Once downloaded, I import into LR. Question: The...
  3. J

    How to import DNG files from iphone camera roll to LR mobile with edits

    When I import raw (dng) photos from my iphone camera roll to LR Mobile, edits I have made on the iphone are not carried over (i.e., LR Mobile imports the original raw photo). Is there any way to import the edited version, either as an edited dng or even as an edited jpg?
  4. G

    Converting Apple Photo raw to DNG

    When attempting to convert an Apple RAW photo that is imported as TIFF file, Lightroom will not convert it as it is not a proper raw file even though my iPhone 13 pro is set to allow the conversion. Is there an intermediate step that I have to take first?
  5. Y

    Import Back-of-camera image different than RAW image

    Hello! I'm on the latest version of lightroom on Mac Monterey and shooting on a Fujifilm xpro2. I just switched to lightroom classic from Lightroom CC. In lightroom CC, I was able to shoot RAW and have camera settings applied so that the RAW image in Lightroom CC looked exactly like my...
  6. G

    "pairing" RAW and JPG/HIF

    Hi, I have LR to treat RAW and JPG files as one. I am aware of the respective "general settings" option in LR and hhis also works fine when important photos from my cameras except in two use cases: - HIF-files: I recently changed camera system and do now shoot in RAW and HIF rather than JPG...
  7. J

    Cropping RAW files in Lightroom 12.4

    When I crop JPEG files, there is a substantial loss of size in the resulting file. Is this the same when you crop RAW files in Lightroom 12.4?
  8. S

    Preserving edits

    Hi. Sorry for what’s probably a stupid question. I’ve never trusted a catalogue based photo software to keep my edits safe. I’ve had a few occasions in the past, especially when I used to use photo mechanic as part of my workflow, where I would go back to files in Lightroom and all my edits are...
  9. VictoriaJZ

    Is it safe to delete one of a pair of images, one of which is RAW and the other jpeg

    I had raw pictures from my Canon camera and imported them into LRC - then I did some edits and a jpeg was created [ie IMG_6868.CR3 = IMG_6868.jpeg] - I am fine with working with the jpegs [we are not talking about fine art here = otherwise I'd keep the raw files of course]. But if I have the...
  10. R

    Exporting collection as catalog and importing it back to main catalog when back home.

    I work on a big large catalog that contains all my archives. It stays on a SSD drive that I plug to iMac or Macbook depending where I am. The latest raw files are on the SSD, all archive RAWs are on separate hard drives that I do not carry with me. I worked few weeks back on a subject (and...
  11. W

    Replace RAW or PSD files in Lightroom with JPEG copies

    Years ago, I made many simple photo adjustments using Photoshop. Now I want to replace most of the old PSD files with JPEG copies, because those old PSD files waste a lot of space and really have no useful information. However, I want to retain all the information associated with the original...
  12. I

    How to revert back to smart preview once full size raw in downloaded in lightroom mobile

    In lightroom mobile once I choose to download a full resolution image from the cloud is there any way to go back to using smart preview, there doesn't seem to be a way once you have downloaded t raw???
  13. S

    Cloud : sync RAW files and edits from Macbook (Lr Classic) to iMac (Lr Classic) ?

    Hello, I travel with my Macbook running Lr Classic on which I store and edit my pictures while I'm away from home. Is it possible to sync my RAW files and edits on the cloud from my laptop so that when I get back home it's all automatically available on my iMac ? Not only the smart previews ...
  14. A

    Needing to preserve edits of DNG files for Laser Scans and have a deadline by next week, any help would be useful, thanks!

    This problem is quite complicated and probably going to require some deep thinking, but nevertheless, here we go! Essentially, I have a collection of .dng files from 4 firefly cameras that are used in combination to create a stitched 360 image. These 360 images (also known as panos) will be...
  15. golfbravo

    iPhone 13 RAW images extremely dark when merged to {Pano

    I'm trying to update my workflow to accommodate iPhone 13 Pro Max raw images, moving them 'automagically' from iPhone to LRClassic. That all seems to work and the initial images look fine. The first thing I did was a photo merge to pano and the normal looking dng images merged fine, but the...
  16. franklehnen

    Full res RAWs in cloud with Lightroom Classic with only 20Gb....

    Let me explain my problem quickly. I have the 20Gb Lightroom Classic plan and I'm more than happy with the fact that I get only 'light' previews in the cloud for using with my iPad or iPhone. Now when I travel, I take only my iPad to transfer photos to, and of course, the full res RAWs will be...
  17. B

    Travelling - catalogue and originals (RAW) - how to manage it?

    Hi everyone, could somebody tell to me how to correctly manage the catalogue and originals (RAW's), when I have both on the external HDD WD Elements (now 4 TB, before 2 TB) and backuped by Amazon Drive for Premium. But now I have a new NTB (Dell Inspirion 14 7000) and would like to correctly...
  18. A

    RAW files imported in Classic, edited in mobile not synching back to Classic?

    Hello Lightroom Hive, I have a fairly developed, if painful, workflow that involves mostly Lightroom Classic and the mobile app on iPad Pro. I import JPEGs and RAW into Classic, add them to a synched collection, they eventually show up in the iPad where I cull and process them mainly for speed...
  19. Adrian Malloch

    Recent weirdness: Jpegs are importing with Raws, despite unchecking: Treat Jpegs and Raws as separate

    I shoot Raw+Jpeg but exclusively use Raw files. Recently with my Fuji cameras (Xpro2 & GFX50R) the Jpegs are importing and are viewable in Lightroom despite the LR preference, 'Treat Jpeg files next to raw files as separate photos' being unchecked. And to clarify why I shoot Jpeg & Raw: it is so...
  20. D

    iPhone 12 & Apple ProRaw

    A question about raw photos on phone cameras and how this bears on the choice between an iPhone 11pro and 12pro. My wife has a better eye than I, irritatingly, but whereas I use an SLR she uses her iPhone. We're considering upgrading from her iPhone 6s to either SE, 11pro, or 12pro. The SE...
  21. G

    RAW file converted to black and white on import without instruction

    Question about Lightroom 5. I've been using this software for some time. It is too old to read the raw files (RAF) from my new Fuji camera so I use the Adobe converter to convert them to DNG and then import them into LR5. Yesterday I shot an event in raw + jpeg. I used the windows 10 photos app...
  22. Paul_DS256

    Colour Space Questions - Camera RAW and LR Printing

    And yes, the 'U' in colour is the proper way to spell it. ;-) A couple of questions around colour spaces and LR: Does the colour space you set in your camera affect the RAW or just the JPG rendering? I ask because supposedly RAW is undeveloped sensor data and colour space does not seem to...
  23. E

    Editing in Raw vs TIFF vs DNG- impact of external editors

    I have reviewed what I find on forums and also google searches and am not clear on the answer. The question is do you lose anything by editing LR classic in TIFF vs Raw vs DNG. The impact is primarily with the use of external editors. For example if one wants to use Topaz AI Denoise they suggest...
  24. C

    Smart Previews - to use or not to use?

    For some reason today, the topic has been Smart Previews on all of the videos that I've been watching, and I'm wondering if it's something I should be doing. For reference, I'm using a 2019 Macbook 13" with 250gb of flash memory. Because the storage on this laptop is at a premium, I've chosen...
  25. M

    Develop module new LR Classic preset is a big failure for me

    Today I updated to 9.2 release. I use for any camera model, more than five and every ISO a own RAW default. Not only changing ISO depended noise reduction but also exposure, contrast, tone curve and more. Anyone have a 'simple' solution to get my defaults back? Current plan is to check every...