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  1. Birdbrain186

    Is there a way to copy "edit history" ?

    As a precaution against "catastrophic failure" I have started keeping for backup purposes a duplicate copy of all my RAW files on different external drive to the "first copy" RAW files. And as part of my "workflow", after making .jpg files from the RAW files, I then copy (using Windows...
  2. Birdbrain186

    Is there any point adding keywords to RAW files?

    After recently unchecking the "Automatically write changes into XMP" option within my LR catalog settings (my previous posting refers) so I now no longer generate any .xmp files, I have gone on to review my LR "workflow" and am wondering whether there is really any point in my adding keywords to...
  3. J

    Moving from PS Elements 2018 to Lightroom 6

    Hi -Jack Fueyo from Cooper City, Florida. I'm a birder with thousands of pictures. I'd like to try LR6 because several trusted friends say I'm working the hard way. I don't wish to start over in organizing, and am much concerned about converting Raw CR2 and ORF to JPG for printing purposes...
  4. D

    Excessive sharpening on CR2 import

    Hello! From day 1 when I bought my new Canon 80D camera last year I've been having problems in lightroom with photos in RAW format. Whenever I import a photo, Camera RAW automatically applies sharpening on it. That sharpening does not completely go away if I put sharpen slider to 0. On photos...
  5. U

    Tried to Clean Catalog but Lost RAW Preview Sharpness???

    I have done something but don't know what? I shoot RAW + jpg and my workflow works pretty much the same as everyone else I know. I import the images, then I go through the images in those import folders and cull out the outtakes in full screen marking to delete as I go through. But at times I...
  6. G

    My Nikon D500 photos NEF/RAW cannot be seen on LR 6 Why ? Thanks for helping me out

    Buona sera, Good evening Why is it that I cannot see my nikon d 500 pictures (nef - raw format size : 5588 x 3716) neither on nikon view neither on the new Lightroom 6 program (purchased yesterday) Both programs are stating that the pictures are not available (= invisible) (not as a...