radial filter

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    Weird behavior of adjustment brush, radial filer and graduated filter

    In recent days Lightroom Classic 10.1.1 is behaving very strangely : when I apply a brush stroke with the adjustment brush, I always get a soft white stroke, even if all the brush sliders are zero! Changing any of the brush settings has no effect. See screenshots. When I apply a circular or...
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    Radial filter and Graduated filter problems

    When I apply one of these filters the area selected goes dark red/brown. When I then try to Change the photograph none of the Sliders work. The tools are all switched on. I am not a Computer wiz so please help.
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    Radial Filter - no outline, no handles?

    For some reason, the Radial Filter has stopped showing its outline and its "adjustment" handles. This is something I have never had happen before, so I am wondering what I need to do to re-instate them. I am using Lightroom 2015.7, so I am wondering if this is something related to this version...
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    Using masking while sharpening within a radial Filter

    Hi, I often only apply any sharpening to a specific part of an image rather than the image as a whole. Usually, I make edits within specific parts of an image using radial filters and I was wondering if there was any way of replicating the masking feature that is available when using the...