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publish service

  1. C

    publish collections

    Hello , I try to publish pictures to a NAS (for TV access) and wish there would be a way to create original folder structure automatically at NAS: All photos in RAW or DNG are stored at local HD, folder structure: Year > date_event Folder “2018” Subfolder “181224_Christmas”...
  2. markstothard

    Sharing Lightroom Collections

    Just wondering, if not available feature request. Can we share publish collections between lightroom classic users, so the collection appears in the invited user's Lightroom collection UI, instead of a web gallery? Thanks
  3. Klaus Mohr

    Library module Photo selection in publish service after editing

    Operating System: Windows 10 Lightroom Version: LR Classic CC 7.1 After editing the metadata of a published photo within the collection of a Publish Service, the thumbnail will be moved up to the section "Modified Photos to Re-Publish", but the selection will disappear. It does not remain on...
  4. snapper

    Any way to duplicate a publish service?

    I'm using WP/LR sync to publish to Wordpress - but I want different export options for different parts of my web site. So I want to create different WP/LR publish services with different export criteria. Is there any easy way of duplicating the service, or does it have to all be done manually...