publish service

  1. G

    Hard Drive Publish Service - Tags Sync

    I recently started using the Hard Drive Publish service to send photos to an external NAS drive. After they are published to the NAS sometimes the photos get tags updated from the NAS side of things. How do I sync those metadata changes back to LR? Is this possible? Thanks, -Greg
  2. pedz

    Update all "Publish Services" that need updates

    I have many galleries with the SmugMug service. Is there a way to easily find out which ones need to be updated or perhaps a way to just say "update all publish services"?
  3. N

    Can I backup publish service settings?

    I need to make some changes to settings in an existing publish service. Is there any way to back up my existing publish service settings before I make changes?
  4. jemostrom

    Hard Drive publish service gives "photo can't be rendered" error

    Perhaps someone have an idea for what to check. I set up a "Hard Drive" publish service but when I try to run it I get an error message And the problem is that I don't understand what is wrong. A few facts: The export folder is on an external SSD drive So far the Publish Service only contain...
  5. H

    Lightroom Voyager Support

    Does anyone have enough knowledge to support the Lightroom Voyager plugin or does anyone have direct contact with Vlad who wrote Lightroom Voyager to see what's going on? I've reached out via the plugin and directly on the lrvoyager website, weeks ago, but have not received any response. I...
  6. Sashina

    Installing Adobe Stock and Flickr publish to new catalogue

    I recently (with the 'help' of Adobe) had to re-create my catalogue to fix a syncing issue. Syncing is working fine now, however... The Adobe help person did not bother checking that I had both Adobe Stock (contributor) and Flickr publish services connected. I now wish to resume using these...

    Issue with Publish Service to Hard Drive

    Hi ... I regularly publish photos, using the Lightroom Publish Service feature, to two different directories on the internal drive of my MacBook. Since updating to the current version of Lightroom Classic, I cannot see the contents that are published to these two directories. I also publish to...
  8. Paul_DS256

    Looking for Wordpress Theme with Good LR Plugin

    * If this is not an appropriate question to post, please remove * I currently have my own web site which I created using several free web page editors over the years. I then started to create sub-pages off my web site using LR's WEB page creation module. So I have a mix of manual and LR based...
  9. Califdan

    Publish Services Modified Photos to Re-publish management aid?

    Hi, I am a heavy user of Publish Services with several hundred Publish Service Collections (none are of the "smart" type). In almost all situations, any particular image may appear in a dozen or more of these Publish Service Collections. Although some Publish Service Plugin's have some...
  10. C

    publish collections

    Hello , I try to publish pictures to a NAS (for TV access) and wish there would be a way to create original folder structure automatically at NAS: All photos in RAW or DNG are stored at local HD, folder structure: Year > date_event Folder “2018” Subfolder “181224_Christmas”...
  11. markstothard

    Sharing Lightroom Collections

    Just wondering, if not available feature request. Can we share publish collections between lightroom classic users, so the collection appears in the invited user's Lightroom collection UI, instead of a web gallery? Thanks
  12. KlausMohr

    Library module Photo selection in publish service after editing

    Operating System: Windows 10 Lightroom Version: LR Classic CC 7.1 After editing the metadata of a published photo within the collection of a Publish Service, the thumbnail will be moved up to the section "Modified Photos to Re-Publish", but the selection will disappear. It does not remain on...
  13. snapper

    Any way to duplicate a publish service?

    I'm using WP/LR sync to publish to Wordpress - but I want different export options for different parts of my web site. So I want to create different WP/LR publish services with different export criteria. Is there any easy way of duplicating the service, or does it have to all be done manually...