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  1. g2iSite

    how to upload lightroom classic collections to Flickr

    I want to be able to create collections in LrC, and then effectively drag that collection into the Flickr publish service, rather than having to create a duplicate collection in the Flickr publish collection. is this possible? thanks!
  2. B

    Flickr Publishing Service error on new PC

    I found this thread and have exactly the same problem: It worked fine for years on my old Win 10 PC, but I'm now on a new PC with Win 11, LrC 12.1. I've tried all 4 steps in the Adobe link...
  3. P

    Publish service to Flickr from LR CC classic is behaving funny

    I recently updated from LR 6 to CC and use the classic version. My set up for Flickr publish services was apparently upgraded. After a negative initial trial, I was able to add several photos to my Flickr account. What bothers me now is that the program used to ask is you wanted to update...