1. C

    .webp import support?

    We have a boatload of external .webp files that we want to catalog in LRc. However, it STILL doesn't support import (or native export) of .webp files. WebP has been around since 2010. Adobe finally added support in Photoshop 23.2 (Feb 2022). Nothing (so far) in LR (and yes, folks submitted...
  2. M

    PSB files do not sync?

    Now that LR supports PSB files, I have been noticing that these files in my LR sync collections are not syncing with the Adobe cloud. Has anybody else noticed this?
  3. Kevin Sholder

    Export Options Don't Include PSB

    Any ideas why we can't export to a PSB file within Lightroom? The only options available are JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, DNG and original. I'm currently running into some file size limitations with an image that I'm working on as a TIF. I could save the TIF as a PSB, just wondering why this format...