1. T

    Import "Preview unavailable" problem solved

    Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit Lightroom Version: 5.7.1 Camera: Canon 5D Mark II Hello, I just want to share how I managed to solve the infamous LR import problem with "preview unavailable" message. Copying photos to the HDD and then importing them in LR worked, but not when importing...
  2. Ron Emmons

    why don't my images appear?

    Operating System:OS X 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC It seems like many people I upgraded to Classic without realizing that would delete the previous version (2015) and now most of my images don't appear in the navigator. When I try to...
  3. Aleko

    Problem with Lightroom Classcic CC

    Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you fix it ?
  4. K

    How to export a catalog and keep the folder structure?

    Operating System:Windows 7 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.3 I m trying to export a catalog with selected folder, for external edits. In the library module, I highlighted a few folders, went to file->export as catalog, chose 'build/include smart previews', and save. The...
  5. K

    Problems with import (LR5)

    I have a big issue with my LR. All of the sudden, after today's optimizing the LR (weekly backup) I started having problems with import. I can see the files prior to import once I put the card into the cardreader but when I press import only "empty windows" load and LR freezes upon building...
  6. Mike Myers

    Exporting from Lightroom to Microsoft Outlook 2016

    I used to use the 'EXPORT' command to send edited photos either to my hard drive, or to Mac Mail. I got disgusted by Mac Mail, because it has a known bug that it always sends photos as "embedded" (or "inline" as Apple calls it) regardless of settings. That is not what I am asking about here -...
  7. K

    Takes too long to zoom in 100%

    LR5.2 CPU: i5-3380M @ 2.9GHz 8GB Ram Win7 Prebuild 1:1 Preview Takes 5-10 second to zoom in 100% on 5d3 or 6d Raw files, that have not been edited. I think that's too long. How to bring it down under a second without hardware changes? I can not imagine modern computers require 10 seconds to...