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    B&W printer recommendations

    Hi, My Epson SP 600 has finally died (Well needs an expensive service at least). I wish to engage more seriously in B&W printing including toned prints. Any suggestions for an A3 (preferably) or A4 printer to purchase as a replacement please? Andrew
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    Retrieve print settings

    Hello: Is it possible to go back to see the Print settings such as Sharpening setting or paper profile selected? Are they available somewhere if I have saved the print? Or do I have to keep them in a notebook or on the back of the work print? Thanks, Roberta Margolis
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    Printing full bleed for photo to be sent digitally

    I am submitting digital images for a photo to possibly be included in a show. The final piece is small photos mounted on a black board that is 10" high x 15" wide. They will look best if the entire digital image background is black and has no white margins. I can do full bleed because the edges...
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    Printing through LR Classic

    I have a new Apple iPad Air. I bought it to travel with but planned to continue to use LR Classic for my work. Since I returned I have d/led my the scandisk cards to my regular folder orders in LR Classic on a Windows 10 desktop. However, while traveling I used LR mobile and did process some...
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    Printing issue in classic with mac os Mojave

    When in the Print Module, no image appears in the Present image on the top left. If I then press Print, my canon ip 8720 just sends an unprinted page through. I have read to delete the classic preference file and I am unable to even find the pref file.
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    Printer Module LR5

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
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    Repositioning Photo in Print Module - Cursor Issue

    The cursor is supposed to turn into a hand in the print module when I hover over the cell. I have hovered and touched, but the cursor is not changing into a hand, preventing me from repositioning the photo. Any ideas of the cause or cure? Thanks, Sharon
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    Using Apple Print to order prints from Lightroom?

    Is there a way to order direct with Apple Print from within Lightroom rather than having to go to Apple's Photo App? A plug-in maybe?