1. P

    Print module Baffling printing change?

    I have been printing from an M1 MacBook Pro running Big Sur on a Canon Pixma Pro 100 on Moab Artist Cards. Today, without any (known) changes to settings, the quality of the prints changed (see images or prints from yesterday and today, acknowledging that cellphone pictures of prints are...
  2. ronlacy

    LR Prints Images Larger than specified in the cell size box

    I am using the latest version of LR. When I print an image, it prints larger than what I specified in the cell size dimensions section of the print module. A 4x6 prints 4 1/4 by 6 3/8. Not much larger, but I want it to be 4x6. I also regularly print two images on larger paper and trim...
  3. A

    B&W printer recommendations

    Hi, My Epson SP 600 has finally died (Well needs an expensive service at least). I wish to engage more seriously in B&W printing including toned prints. Any suggestions for an A3 (preferably) or A4 printer to purchase as a replacement please? Andrew
  4. R

    Retrieve print settings

    Hello: Is it possible to go back to see the Print settings such as Sharpening setting or paper profile selected? Are they available somewhere if I have saved the print? Or do I have to keep them in a notebook or on the back of the work print? Thanks, Roberta Margolis
  5. R

    Printing full bleed for photo to be sent digitally

    I am submitting digital images for a photo to possibly be included in a show. The final piece is small photos mounted on a black board that is 10" high x 15" wide. They will look best if the entire digital image background is black and has no white margins. I can do full bleed because the edges...
  6. B

    Printing through LR Classic

    I have a new Apple iPad Air. I bought it to travel with but planned to continue to use LR Classic for my work. Since I returned I have d/led my the scandisk cards to my regular folder orders in LR Classic on a Windows 10 desktop. However, while traveling I used LR mobile and did process some...
  7. S

    Printing issue in classic with mac os Mojave

    When in the Print Module, no image appears in the Present image on the top left. If I then press Print, my canon ip 8720 just sends an unprinted page through. I have read to delete the classic preference file and I am unable to even find the pref file.
  8. M

    Printer Module LR5

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
  9. S

    Repositioning Photo in Print Module - Cursor Issue

    The cursor is supposed to turn into a hand in the print module when I hover over the cell. I have hovered and touched, but the cursor is not changing into a hand, preventing me from repositioning the photo. Any ideas of the cause or cure? Thanks, Sharon
  10. A

    Using Apple Print to order prints from Lightroom?

    Is there a way to order direct with Apple Print from within Lightroom rather than having to go to Apple's Photo App? A plug-in maybe?