printing issues

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    Is there anyway to print from LR desktop?
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    Printing Workflow for Lightroom Cloud User

    I use only Lightroom Cloud for storing and editing my photos. I’d like to print some of my better images but given Lightroom Cloud’s lack of printing module, I’m struggling to come up with a suitable workflow. I currently export to my desktop and then use the print module in Apple Photos which...
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    Printing quality JPG thumbnails Exported from LR Classic and imported into a Microsoft Word Document

    I need to print thumbnails of photographs at the highest possible quality. I want to prepare a printed handout promoting a photo collection. We are working on a Microsoft Word document that contains thumbnails of the photos, and printed descriptions. The previews placed in Microsoft Word...
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    Borderless printing

    So I basically ran through all my setting. Changed my print setup for 8 x 10 borderless. Went to the right hand side and checked the zoom to fill box (which when printing 4 x 6 did the trick) but when it comes to getting a 8 x 10 completely printed on the paper is not working. I also cropped...