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    Print module in Lightroom Classic CC

    The ability to choose color management by Lightroom seems to have disappeared. The printer/paper profiles for my Epson P800 are no longer showing up. Therefore my prints are now fairly bad. A couple of weeks ago they were fine and the prints were good. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. K

    Printing problem since upgrading to Windows Anniversary Edition (build 14393.187)

    Since doing the above I get a heavy magenta cast when printing from Lightroom 6.7 (though everything looks fine in both Library and Develop modules). I had no problems before the upgrade to Anniversary Edition. The problem occurs on my old Epson photo 1290 (which I use for A3 prints) and also...
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    LR CC Printing - colour cast

    Hey all, I'm brand new to this forum & seeking advice out of desperation more than anything else - and I'm hoping one of you might have the light bulb moment that's currently escaping me! The Background: We are a small local photography studio offering a wide range of photographic services...