1. D

    Light room is saying that it Can't print! Whats the problem with this error and its reason?

    When i set the print on LR, it always starts the print and then in the middle of it, it sys cant print. Helpp!!
  2. J

    How many images in a page grid?

    I am trying to create an image grid on roll paper for about 1,000 small images. I can set the paper size as I wish, but, as far as I can see, the Print module will only permit a maximum of 15 by 15 images. Is there any way to do many more? Or, if not, I would appreciate advice, or a pointer to...
  3. K

    Problems with Color Management and Pixma pro 9000 MkII

    Operating System: Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.14 Hi I am having problems installing a Canon Pixma pro 9000 MkII in Lightroom 6.14 (Win 10) Everything works fine if I set the proof copy profile to "Canon pro900 MkII" in the develop module and "Adobe RGB" in...
  4. S

    Printing Custom Paper size refuses to rotate?

    I have set up a custom photo size in my Epson print dialog for 13w x 9h I select it in LR and make all adjustments, print job looks correct in LR When I go to print it is printing in portrait mode even though I have selected landscape and appears in landscape in LR Print module. I tried...
  5. B

    Exporting for print question/problem

    Hey folks... I recently took a photo in to get printed at 16x20 but the printer said they'd have to crop it and that's not cool. I exported it at 16x20 but at the printers it said it was 14x20...I'm confused. Can anybody give me clarity or advice when it comes to exporting for print? I use...
  6. JaneB

    Gaps when snap to cell

    LR 5.7 for Mac I've created a patchwork layout: 3 x 3 square images, butted together using 'Snap to Cell'. I exported this as a JPEG and sent it to the guy who does my printing, but he's pointed out that when viewed at 200% there are hairline gaps between some cell edges. Not all - some of them...
  7. George222

    Dark vertical lines on printed photo

    Hi, I am relatively new with lightroom, and have an issue. I imported a Canon Raw image, applied a Black Mamba downloaded preset, basically to make it black and white, and exported as full sized JPEG at 300dpi. I then took it to the printing service, and asked them to print a 40x60 photo...
  8. PeteGB

    Cell Size Prints wrongly

    Sorry for another Cell Size Q but I can't find an answer that fits. LR5.3 running on W7, Epson 2400 printer, printing on A4 paper in Page setup set to A4 and borderless, landscape, colour management disabled at printer In LR Print module things look OK with the image sitting in a cell showing...
  9. D

    Export setting help ASAP PLEEEEEASE!

    Hey, first time posting. i need to get print files ready for an Exhibition. Its all very late notice, and ive not printed before. I need to send these files tomorrow night at the latest. Im getting confused with all the online forums, so im ironcally posting on one to get a definitive...
  10. A

    Different Watermarks for 2 Photos

    Hi, I'm trying to use the Print module (and the LR templates) to create the following: I want 2 different photos to have 2 different watermarks (for example Alaska and Hawaii). I'm trying to use the Custom (2) 4x6 template for either making a print or saving as a jpeg file for other purposes...
  11. TexasPilot

    Printing at Costco. Export (TIF/PNG)? or Print To File (JPEG)?

    I have been getting very good prints - especially 12x18, 16x20 and 20x30 at Costco thanks to this forum's advice. From here I learned about monitor calibration (Colormunki) and embedding Costco printer profiles (Dry Creek Photo). The tech at the Costco indicated that I will see no noticeable...
  12. mikecox

    Prints fine on one printer not on the other

    When printing on my Canon MX922 series printer the colors are terrible, kind of on the purple side. I cleaned the ink jets, i realigned the heads, and even replaced on low ink cartridge but it didn't help. I called Canon and they had me copy an image from the printer's scanner and it printed...