print module

  1. M

    Printing all picture in all folders

    I'm a professional genealogist and archivist, and I'm trying to figure out how to improve the efficiency of something that I need to do a few thousand times! When I digitize historical documents I use a camera, connected to a copy stand, to take individual photos of each page of a document...
  2. S

    Clearing a cell in Custom Layout (Print Module)

    I've looked in the menus and right-clicking etc. but haven't found a way to remove an image from a cell in a custom layout. I can delete the whole cell, but not simply remove an image, leaving the cell empty. Google was no help either. Is this just not possible?
  3. R

    Print editing workflow

    I'm starting on a large collection of photos shot on Kodachrome in the 80s. There's a lot with cyan/magenta casts so there is a lot of trial and error colour correction needed. For key shots there may be three or more variations that I incrementally print as I try to find the best colour for the...
  4. R

    Test prints in Lr

    I'm starting to do test prints in Lr. Some of my shots in low light are printing too dark so I need to lighten them up. In the Print module there is a brightness slider that lightens the overall print. The issue is, if I do three variations of an image using the print template, that displays...
  5. R

    Printing in black and white

    I gather that if you want to print a neutral B+W images from Lr you need to turn of colour management? I use a Mac so after fiddling around I found out how to set Printer Managers colour and then I can see Advanced B+W Photo option and Advanced Settings tab is visible. I'm starting to use my new...
  6. Rima Berzin

    Hand tool moves an image in opposite direction in print module

    A question about the hand tool when used to move an image within a print module cell: I'm in print module with a few cells on the page. I want to move one of the images within one of the cells. Typically, when holding down COMMAND + clicking on the mouse, the hand tool appears and allows you...
  7. N

    Roll paper printing

    i am hoping to print (Epson F53DAO or R2000 running version 16.2) a series of panoramas. I want to use roll paper that i have which is 13 inches wide, and id like my final images to be 12”x 48”. I have created a template to print these. Ive made my cell size 12x48 thinking that it will give a...
  8. Bob_B

    Print module: One page, one image, multiple copies with different develop settings?

    Hi all, I just wanted to run this past you all for thoughts and suggestions. I want to print a contact sheet with six copies of the same image, each with distinct develop module settings. My thought is to make six virtual copies of the original image, develop each copy separately...
  9. christruhephotos

    Which A3 to choose in Page Setup?

    What is the difference in the choices? I am printing on a Epson SC-P800.
  10. T

    Printing from Id to PDF to LR

    I have created a photo book with images and text in InDesign. Each page is 10x10". For an exhibition, I want to print page spreads to fit on 13"x19" paper for my Epson 800 printer. Can anyone please suggest a good way to do this. Possible Strategy #1: Export the spreads from InDesign to press...
  11. barman

    Big NxM print - any problems with size?

    Hi - I want to create an 8.5"x11" print with something like 12x12 (12 months a year, 12 years old) pictures of a child, one picture per month of age. I'm sure Print module will let me create a 12x12 grid but when I start selecting the 144 pictures, would LR have problems with the huge size when...
  12. barman

    Difficulty with photo template

    Hi - I use LR 5.7 and am having some problems with a print template. I have a layout that I saved as a template; it includes some text, a logo, and two pictures. Each time I want to use the template I want the text that I can edit, the same logo, and the same sizes for two pictures. However, the...
  13. E

    Where has the velvet fine art gone in the print module

    I have not used the fine art paper for a while on My Epson surecolour p600 & am trying to find it in printer settings but all that appears is poster paper, anyone know where the fine art has gone please, my printer did not like that & kept asking for me to reload.
  14. H

    Print Module, single image, Photo Info

    Hi, is there a possibility to format the photo info line beneath an image in the print module with control codes? I want to have the title left justified and the author right justified within the given white field of the template editor. Hanoman
  15. R

    Printing 4x6 (one)

    Is there a simple way to print a single borderless 4x6 or 5x7 without using a whole page? I've tried (through many releases in LR) but can't seem to figure it out. I always end up going to PS to print and would like to do all in LR if possible.
  16. G

    Print module Lost Native Resolution Info in Print

    Operating System: Windows 10 Creator 1709 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom 6.0 1014445 Perpetual I just got a new Dell XPS 8930 with and i7 8700 processor, 16gb Ram, 512 SSD & 2TB hard drive with an Nvidia 1060 Graphics card. I installed my Lightroom 6 (that ran...
  17. electrovellum

    Print module 16 bit checkbox

    Operating System:Windows 10 1709 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] I have a new Canon PRO-100S printer, installed and seemingly working ok. I installed the optional 16-bit driver and selected that printer in printer setup. However, I...
  18. K

    Problems with Color Management and Pixma pro 9000 MkII

    Operating System: Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.14 Hi I am having problems installing a Canon Pixma pro 9000 MkII in Lightroom 6.14 (Win 10) Everything works fine if I set the proof copy profile to "Canon pro900 MkII" in the develop module and "Adobe RGB" in...
  19. K

    LR only printing half the image

    Operating System: Win 10 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.14 Just installed a second hand Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mk2 Win 10 has the very latest update (massive) and I'm using the latest printer driver from the Canon website When printing from LR and "print" is clicked...
  20. K

    Lightroom print module align images

    Hello all I got Lighroom 6 and I love the program. I just started using the print module and theres something I havent figured out yet and maybe you guys can help me. See the picture below. 1. How do I secure that the space between my images is the same size? (The white room). On the picture...
  21. D

    Selected image to print reverts to first image in folder

    After the recent update to LRCC I have an issue with any image selected in any folder or collection and then opened in the print module changes the image to the first image in all folders and collections. I tried deleting preferences and does not solve the problem. I did create a new catalog and...
  22. P

    Using Print Module to create a border.

    Hi I have created a white border around selected images using the print module in LR CC 2015.9 I have exported them as jpegs by selecting 'Print to jpeg' in the print job section - my question is - can I export them this way with their associated keywords still attached ? so that when I...
  23. M

    Need help setting up wallets

    I need to print wallets of 178 images (2 wallets each). I will do this on my Epson printer. I can't figure out how to set this up automatically in Lightroom without dragging and dropping each image. Any tips on the most efficient way to do this would be great.
  24. M

    Reduce Opacity

    Is there a way to reduce the opacity of a photo in Lightroom? I am thinking of using a low opacity photo as a background in the print module.
  25. P

    Can you use images from different collections in print template?

    HI I am using a custom lr template to create a collage of images in the print module - when I go to a different collection to get other images , the image that is already placed in the template disappears! Is this correct? - Can I only use images from one collection? I am using the latest...