print job

  1. Antonio Correia

    Color management / Color Matching

    Good day everybody ! :) I am having trouble printing from LR. I printed a sheet and found all colours to be wrong. :( I thought everything was OK but no, it is not ! The problem is that I do not know how to turn OFF the Colour Management in the print dialogue, even if I have been Googling for...
  2. T

    Any LR printing experts out there to help solve a weird LR printing issue?

    LR Classic version 9.4. iMac with Catalina. Printing to a Canon Pixma Pro 100. Problem: The print job that comes out of the printer is printed like it's printing to a smaller size page. All specs set to 13" x 19" but printer is printing like it's on something slightly larger than letterhead...
  3. Paul_DS256

    Colour Space Questions - Camera RAW and LR Printing

    And yes, the 'U' in colour is the proper way to spell it. ;-) A couple of questions around colour spaces and LR: Does the colour space you set in your camera affect the RAW or just the JPG rendering? I ask because supposedly RAW is undeveloped sensor data and colour space does not seem to...
  4. B

    Can't print

    Hi - just got a new problem. I can't print from the print-module. Everything seems ok and I press the Print-button, the Prefepairng Print message pops up briefly in top left corner and disappears. And then nothing. Been on this all day and had to disappoint a customer. Rebootted LR, rebooted...
  5. M

    Setting printer resolution

    I am persuaded to start printing in Lightroom rather than through Photoshop bu am confused about setting the pdi. In a recent series of short videos at Marrutt Image Resolution Calculator I am advised to use much higher pdis thansuggested in the newest LT Classic CC by LRQ. An extract form an...