1. L

    Huge Previews.lrdata file

    My LR catalog contains 100k+ images/files. I tried selecting all the files and deleting both Previews and Smart Previews but Previews.lrdata file is 245GB. I think it was slightly larger before I deleted the previews. Is this a possible size due to the large amount of images in my catalog or...
  2. B

    previews in 2 different folders?

    Hi there, I just figured out, LR (12.1) is storing the previews in 2 different folders (Win 11). One is: User-Me-AppData-Roaming-Adobe-Lightroom (right now 14,3 Gb) Second is: User-Me-Pictures-Lightroom (right now 41,1 Gb) I know, I should delete the previews when the folder gets too big. But I...
  3. G

    Previews - Let's Talk Preview Files.

    I think I have read everything I can find about Previews and I've just about decided I don't need them, despite every LR article that suggests how much they speed up work in the Library and now in even the Develop module. But my computer is fast and generates a 1:1 preview almost instantly...
  4. franklehnen

    Full res RAWs in cloud with Lightroom Classic with only 20Gb....

    Let me explain my problem quickly. I have the 20Gb Lightroom Classic plan and I'm more than happy with the fact that I get only 'light' previews in the cloud for using with my iPad or iPhone. Now when I travel, I take only my iPad to transfer photos to, and of course, the full res RAWs will be...
  5. fbx33

    Photos and LrC previews almost same size on disk?

    Does this make sense? I imported the photos from folder "LR Classic Photos" to a new instal of LrC. The photos take up 144 GB. The LrC previews take up 97 GB. This seems nuts to me but thought I'd ask. Thanks for help--
  6. Steve Palmer

    Photos exported from LR to Photoshop showing strange behaviour when re-imported

    I have just upgraded to a MacBook M1. I can export to Photoshop (which I need to run under Rosetta due to the plugins I use). When I save the photo in Photoshop (tiff) it imports fine into LR except that the preview in Grid mode and in the navigator pain in Loupe (but not the main picture)...
  7. S

    Best practice with previews???

    I apologise for both my lack of knowledge and lengthy post but I feel this information may be useful to many people in my situation. Any replies will be kindly received. SCENARIO: I want to store all of my photos in one place, catalogue them with keywords to find images quickly and edit to...
  8. M

    LR Previews unavailable?

    Hello! First post here on the LR Queen! Just looking for a little assistance...I upgraded my camera over the holidays to Canon 6D mark II, and ever since I have had a very hard time getting photo previews to load on the Library screen in LR. I have updated to LR 9.2 version, and previews...
  9. I

    Force build video thumbnail previews

    Hello all, is there a way to force build all the video previews for a catalog without going scrubbing over every thumbnail? Also, are the video thumbnail previews stored in the Previews.lrdata container? I am asking because I have a separate catalog for video that I would like to copy from...
  10. Q

    Edits in PS not building previews

    Hi I've been flummoxed lately. When I take an image and edit in PS it comes back OK with a preview in library module but as I'm usually in Develop module it's not automatically updating the preview so I'm seeing the shot before edit. Driving me crazy! Any ideas? John
  11. C

    Too many previews and smart previews - switching off & deleting?

    Hi all I'm very much an amateur and casual user of LR Classic on a Win 10 lap-top. I only shoot in jpg format. I have a collection of approx 40,000 photos. I started using LR Classic about 2 years ago. My Lightroom Catalog is named Catalog-2. My problem is that my hard disc is being swamped...
  12. braver

    Moving a Catalog back and forth, what about syncing of the 1:1 and/or Smart Previews?

    I've been generating 1:1 Previews always, per Peter Krogh (and embedded full-size previews into DNGs as I convert to it). Now I have a dedicated SSD RAID 5 array for the catalog connected to the desktop iMac Pro, which uses about 2.5TB -- 6GB for the catalog itself, 2.2TB for Previews and 0.3TB...
  13. Paul B

    Another upgrade question!

    Hi Folks I’m considering moving from 6 Perpetual to 7 Classic on MacOS 10.13. Obviously I’d like to do this with a minimum of fuss and I have a few questions. I’d like to keep 6 for a while as a fallback. I have all application preferences, settings, presets, templates etc backed up. Q1 Does...
  14. A

    Catalogs Cannot Open Catalog - Preview Cache Path Too Long

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC 7.0 I just backed up my laptop to 2 external drives and was randomly checking some files/folders to make sure everything copied over to the external drives. I came across this problem on both...
  15. J

    Import Bug: Classic import process very slow specifically when using larger catalogues

    Operating System: Desktop: Mac Pro (mid2010) 16GB Memory Mac Sierra 10.12.3, ATI Radeon HD5770 1024MB with1TB internal SSD Laptop: MacBook Pro Retina (Early 2013), 2.7 Ghz Intel i7, 16GB Memory, Mac sierra 10.12.3, Intel Graphics 4000 1536 MB with 500GB internal SSD I upgraded to Classic and...
  16. A

    Recover jpegs from previews--no catalog

    Hi, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me! I have a bunch of 1:1 previews from a hard drive that was damaged, so I have no originals. I also lost the .lrcat files that porganize the 1:1 previews. I have installed the preview recovery script Adobe recommends, but because I have no lrcat...
  17. braver

    Importing Catalog with its Previews

    I'm considering a workflow where I import travel photos into MacBook Pro with a temporary catalog, following Julianne Konst's excellent tutorial. One thing which seems missing is whether previews will be imported. I like to build both 1:1 previews and Smart Previews in my master catalog, to...
  18. mantra

    slideshow without creating previews possible? cc 6.9

    hi i have used very rarely lightroom v6 slideshow feature what i did not liked about v5 was that lightroom v5 starts to create a lof of preview files before start a simple slideshow for a simple preview i mean ony a black background and the picture with all the slideshow feature off when i...
  19. N+13


    I work on CC / iMac and when I import I build 1:1 previews. Why is it that 30% - 70% of the time when I change to the next photo the "Loading" message remains for 2 to 6 seconds? The fact it is none or all of the time baffles me. What is it doing? Thanks. N+13
  20. W

    why do previews still take time to load? (smart & 1:1 built) - slow culling

    Hi, Culling is very slow!! When culling in library mode, previews still take time to load. It goes well for a few images, but then I see the unedited image with the loading text.. after a few seconds the preview is loaded. Why does it show the unedited version first when I have smart & 1:1...